Monday, May 28, 2007


means without conditions.

no thinking involved.

just breathing in and then eventually out once again.

nothing else matters........

unless you want conditions.

then there are never enough to satisfy.

go ahead.

try and figure out if you have made sure everything is safe enough.

buy some insurance.

wear a helmet.

lock the door.

check it again.

tick, tick, tick........


BBC said...

Friend, you should tear up your diploma, you haven't learned anything from that fancy training.

If this is about unconditional love, forget it, love on this planet has conditions.

If you want unconditional love get a dog because it isn't going to happen with the women on this planet these days.

Unconditional love is stepping in front of a speeding bullet to protect you. Hell, I'll bet most mothers wouldn't even do that to protect one of their children.

dr.alistair said...

tonight i feel the same way you do.

my hope is that when the sun comes up in the morning i won`t.........

Cynnie said...

People who want unconditional love usually just want permission to do any goddamed thing they want ..
and still keep the security blanket of their primary relationship.

But I can love you unconditionally...
I just dont have to be in a relationship with you..

dr.alistair said...

i don`t need permission from anyone to do anything.

and you are generalising about people wanting to do anything.........

there are some who are loyal and trustworthy.

i just don`t want to be bound up and controlled anymore.

it is the fear and insecurity of a person that wants conditions.......







and that`s why so many people are unhappy.

they think they need to control.

you don`t know me but you make judgement.

Cynnie said...

I'm not judging you..
and I'm not unhappy ..
I've always had great relationships..
I do love unconditionally..
but to be my PARTNER..
there are conditions..
but I can love you and accept you just the way you are..

no problem

Shlaaaaaaaaah! said...

I liked what you said about hoping you feel differently the next day about something, even if you feel one way tonight.

It's all we've got, man.

dr.alistair said...

thanks cynnie.

maybe i don`t make the best partner precisely because i don`t expect or accept conditions.

so i will accept the solitude.

and shlah, i got what i hoped for.......