Monday, May 21, 2007

real love.

my thanks to bill for this cartoon illustrating the typical foolishness of the male (and female...) of the species in thier quest for love.
guys, and girls, it doesn`t exist outside of yourself.
if you need someone else to "complete" you then shoot yourself now and save the pain later.
i love the face on the guy on the right in the final frame of the cartoon.
if you can see yourself in that expression and find yourself laughing then the healing is well on it`s way.


BBC said...

"if you need someone else to "complete" you then shoot yourself now and save the pain later."

For just ten minutes would you try to stop being a fucking idiot? (hugs)

Of course you can be a complete, but only a complete half. It's takes two to be a whole though. Happily married couples live longer for example.

The whole cosmos depends on the two thing. The female energy and the male energy, it's what keeps everything going.

But the women on this planet have gotten so screwed up that it makes this difficult.

Bah, never mind. You're not here for much longer, try to enjoy it and not harm the planet too much, I don't want you to destroy my ability to enjoy my human experiences here.

But I suppose that is over your head?

dr.alistair said...

well, i do understand that bill.

i meant a complete half as you say.

my point is that as men we try to chase, please and buy the attention of women...............

for either parties.