Thursday, May 17, 2007

jehovah`s witnesses.

so i`m walking with my children the other day and these two j.w.s walk up and start in on me about wanting to know jesus and all that and i told them to get lost.

it really pisses me off that these types are cruising around hitting on people like they do.

i kept my self composed because my boys were with me and they didn`t need to see me wind these idiots up.

i`m riding my bike this morning and who do i see but dumb and dumber with thier white shirts and backpacks i gave them the finger.

and i laughed out loud.

two hours later i`m riding back into town and i am gifted with the same two robots on thier pilgimage or whatever they think they`re up to, walking toward me. and this time i just grinned.

thier tiny little minds must have been racing.



BBC said...

They mean well I guess, and some of their women are really hot. If one comes to you ask her if she wants to have sex with God.

That is if you enjoy the smell of burning tires as she burns out leaving. LOL

Hammer said...

I've read their pamphlets. They think we take this body to heaven.

If they are right I'm screwed lol.

dr.alistair said...

bill, do you mean sex with oh god?

hammer, don`t read too many of those pamphlets....

it`s not cartoons that rot your brain.

barista grazioso said...

Were they Jdubs or Mormons? Doesn't matter really, they're both cultish.

btw...Hi Doc!!

dr.alistair said...

they were badge-wearing jdubs.


and hello to you too barista!