Sunday, May 20, 2007


so what sign are you?

jlee posted a bit about horoscopes yesterday just as i was thinking about how it is interesting that certain signs seem to just get along, whereas others just want to bash heads.

the universe kept sending me aries people.

i can`t thank it for that.

the scorpio`s patience is only a waiting to kill after all.


BBC said...

I don't pay any attention to any of that quackery. It was all made up by a bunch of monkeys playing with their brains too much.

The day will be what I make it, and I'm mostly just goofing off today.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I'm a Leo.

(And I hate everyone).

greg said...

Did you answer your own question somewhere?

I (and others) have found it strangely true, how often birth signs can match the personality types of so many people (I haven't done enuff research yet to find out if this is true for everyone on earth)

Not sure the veracity on ongoing horoscopes tho'... forcasting ... not sure I want to know the future, just "what am I supposed to do with what I have for the best outcome."

(Now ... am I vain enough to say that I'm a Libra, or humble enough that it doesn't really matter anyway?)

dr.alistair said...

the concept of "quackery" was developed by the scientific dogmatists to stop any discussionof anything that science couldn`t predict and control.

astrology is much more than the compatability of people born within twelve distinct catagories throughout the year.

the fact remains that i have to stay away from taurus/aries.....

or at least tread lightly.

and regarding all counceling, there are only guidelines.

it`s art, not science.

BBC said...

So, something fucking spray painted on a wall is art. It has nothing to do with the fact that nothing is predestined.

There are people on this planet that has never heard of all that nonsense and their lives are just fine.

Oh, never mind, but do you think Einstein believed in that crap? No, it is for you lost souls.

Anonymous said...

Capricorn. I like reading those things, although I don't take them too seriously - I embody the Capricorn personalities, but also those of many other signs as well. So... what's the link?

- "Lisa with the busted knees from running, but when they heal she shall run rather than jog"

ruaiamiaini said...

Dang, I'm an Aries (but I think I may have mentioned that b4, so you prob already knew that, Alistair). Hope that doesn't scare you off as I always appreciate your comments! ;)

So tell me, do you find that the Aries/ Taurus ban applies only to those of the opposite sex or to fellas as well?

'cause in my case, as a Fire guy, I've found that its those pesky Water-y goils that present the most trouble. 'course I (inadvertantly & only in retrospect - not on purpose) always found myself dating other Fires (Leos & Sags) & ended up marrying another Aries. (Oh buddy, the things I seen! :D When they say the world will end by fire, I have experienced it first hand! lol)

Astrology interests me for the simple reason that it seems useful as a contemplative tool: that is, as an aid for introspection of the self & insight into how we are reflected in others. I don't LITERALLY believe the stars control our destiny (the daily newspaper's horoscope is good for little more than TP, IMHO). However, there are definitely interesting corespondences to be drawn between, say, astrological signs & tarot trumps, which seem to relate to deeper human archetypal influences...

dr.alistair said...

something spray painted on the wall is art.....


and i believe that nothing is pre-destined.

astrology provides guidelines.

nothing controls our destiny but ourselves.

the aries/taurus has generally been a female thing with me. i`m not as sign conscious with my male friends.......but as i age i`m becoming more cautious.

and einstien was a mystic first.

dr.alistair said...

ruaiamiaini, you may appreciate this........

ruaiamiaini said...

Interesting Tarot exercise, Alistair.

Using it as an starting point, however, it occurs to me that while 'The Competititor' might be how you might have viewed yourself at that point in time it is only one 'aspect' of your true self, or role that you play; meaning that, despite plenty of introspection & 'soul-searching', we are seldom capable of accurately describing ourselves - both our constructive as well as destructive qualities.

The thing with Tarot (& astrology by extension), as I understand it, is that the Trumps represent the universal/ archtypal energies of God, akin to the Kabbalistic Sepiroth. Which is to say that in order to come to anything approaching a fully-integrated concept of Self, there are a number of common universal roles/ urges/ energies that often struggle to find healthy realization thru the vehicle of the Self. When these energies are not given a healthy outlet, we gots us some problems...

Which leads us to why it is that superficial understandings of (ancient) esoteric or (modern) psychological systems alike tend to be merely self-reinforcing - ie, we see ourselves as we 'believe' ourselves to be, not necessarily as we truly 'are' - as opposed to being enlightening.

Folks are just as likely to deny the positive aspects within themselves as they are to downplay or minimize the negatives, which is a pity...

dr.alistair said...

the self-reinforcing aspect of these practices is broken by vigorous activity within the community.

through this contact one gains a healthier insight into one`s self than if one studies by candlelight and sleeps all day.

the competitor was also a slightly tongue-in-cheek poke at myself and my athletic will......

Anonymous said...

Einstein was also a horndog.

What signs are you supposed to get along with, Doc?

-Anon 1

dr.alistair said...

i find that i get along well with pisces and gemini, fellow water signs.

fire signs generally find a way to create conflict.

or something.

as much as i try with capricorn, there is always tension, and aquarius has always been a puzzle.

aries/taurus........well there`s the problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm Virgo.

For your reading enjoyment:


dr.alistair said...

virgo. today you will succumb to the urge to get that grand piano you alays wanted, only to find that costco only has three packs.

scorpio. refrain from driving as it`s national clown car day and you aren`t known for patience on the highway.

Chris J said... I remember hearing on the radio once, "How can you believe in horoscopes when Queen Victoria and Bob Dylan share the same birthday?"

It is May 24th, in case anybody was wondering.

dr.alistair said...

isn`t bob dylan a cranky old german girl with poor fashion sense?