Wednesday, May 30, 2007

how to pick a mood.

remember when you felt that way before.

see what you saw.

hear what you heard.

smell what you smelled.

taste what you tasted.

feel what you felt.

when you realise that you can do these things in your mind while you sit comfortably reflecting back to a pleasant memory, you begin to feel the way you did when you first experienced that wonderful memory now.

the longer you involve yourself in this process the more of the sensations emerge and effect how you are as you sit thinking back to that first time...........

and you can imagine what you saw becoming more vivid.

and the smells become more insistant.

and the sounds more intense. amplified.

and as these things grow in your mind you notice your mood changing.

and you are doing it.

do it more.

let the sensations wash over you.

how do you feel now?

will you remember to practice this and choose good feelings for no reason at all.

except that your whole life will change.

just a small thing.


Fleming said...

I'm very glad I read your good advice so well expressed. Thanks for the post.

I've used a similar technique for finding things I've lost. . . i.e. recalling where I might have put the item that is lost. I'm sure you've used that also.

dr.alistair said...

yes fleming, now that you mention it, i have.

when we can slow down our internal state and choose a new direction we change the entire universe.

we find things we have misplaced and we make better decisions and solve problems and gain insight.

BBC said...

Everyone should have a sign in their home listing their four main psychological components (after learning more about them).


And then keep asking themselves which component is controling them at the moment, all too often it's the Child.

dr.alistair said...

bill, thanks for that. clearly put.

it depends what type of child is in control though.

many children are deeply spiritual and insightful and full of love and joy.

any time i listen to the sounds of the playground i am reminded of this.