Wednesday, May 30, 2007

the core of the unconditional....... choosing good feelings, for no reason.

irrational happiness.

it seems odd at first and most struggle with the concept.

old programming.

until you realise that you are choosing to feel the way you do anyway.

"fuck off " you say. "nobody chooses to feel anything, we are reacting to objective reality that makes us feel good or bad."

well, not really.

we edit, delete and distort our reality on an on-going basis.

we base these processes on pre-concieved ideas about the way things are.

i have been told things about me recently that are subjective characterisations that i choose to accept or reject according to my beliefs .

i am an arrogant asshole apparently.

i beg to differ, but that`s not going to change thier opinion.


we choose to feel the way we do.

once you realise you are doing it in a masterful way....then you can pick your mood.

which one would you prefer?


Fleming said...

Excellent. I remember discovering at one point in a tumultuous relationship that there was always a moment when I decided whether to get angry or not. If I decided to get angry a verbal fight would ensue. If I decided not to get angry I might proceed with a pleasant day.

It was a real shock to discover that moment of decision.

dr.alistair said...

shock? thrill?

for me it was an like meeting a familiar friend or a dja vu situation.

a relief.......

that things didn`t have to be as my parents and other hostile adults behaved.