Friday, September 30, 2005

hypnosis and cigarettes.

people ask me how hypnosis works. i tell them that i don`t know and that for centuries hypnosis has been effective in helping people change thier habits and live healthier lives yet nobody knows how hypnosis does what it does.
i can tell you what it seems to do though. it seems to allow me to communicate with parts of a person`s consciousness that don`t criticise or argue with what is being said. it is a process of trust and willingness to accept what is being said by me as a useful truth. went a person does this accepting uncritically, they will begin to change thier behaviours.
unless they do this there will be no change of behaviour.
there is no magic. i do nothing but speak. the words go inside but they have to be unconditionally accepted by the listener.
they have to be ready to change.
when my clients call i interview them to learn about thier situation and to discover thier motivations for hiring me. it takes guts to make the call in the first place and most people are nervous so i draw them out with simple questions about how they learned of my sevices and what they know about hypnosis etc., before i begin to get to what made them decide to call me.
if a person desperately needs to stop for health reasons or financial reasons or fear of health risks then in all likeleyhood they will succeed in stopping but if they are being pressured by a husband, wife, boss or parents then it will rarely work. i make it clear at that point that it would be important to find better reasons to want to stop smoking. my sessions are too epensive to fail at. they are the best bargain in the world when you recieve your health as a result.

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