Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the calm.

as the seas roil and swell with the pulse of energy rising we are swept along for the ride.

this powerlessness we feel when caught up in something as powerful as the ocean it`s self can be terrifying when we try to make the feeling stop.

our will to control makes our ability to deal with these feelings that much more difficult to bear.

the alternative is to let go of the need to control and predict when the next wave will rise and lift us up or when the next trough will drag us down intot he depths.

because it doesn`t matter whether we are high or low.

nothing lasts forever.

but things do return.

so enjoy the highs and rest during the lows.

and find a calm center to enjoy all of it.


X. Dell said...

I'm an American. So I know that Americans are people who believe they can control the tides, or should (something to do with Manifest Destiny). Your observations should be taken more seriously here. But we would need something of a Copernican revolution to see the wisdom of your words.

dr.alistair said...

well, as you and i know, dissatisfied people buy more things and are more productive in their borg hive.

i`m not trying to change the world so much as describe what i feel.

my wisdom comes from getting it wrong more than most and being unattached to being right the first time.

i make more mistakes faster and recover quickly.

sort of like the act of walking.....a constant correction of the natural process of falling forward onto one`s face.