Thursday, April 17, 2008

regular programming.

the regular programming was about unconditional love for the self.

oh how i had forgotten.

how does this unconditional love for the self work?

like this.

no matter what happens, do nothing to harm the self.

when we pump energy into this by breathing in body and spirit we attract that which resonates with this.

how do we breathe in body and in spirit?

by sitting quietly and physically breathing and watching our thoughts go by and letting them float off as we just........breathe.

so i am getting back to this now with my sleeves rolled up and stalking that precious joy of the the certain knowledge that i`m in the universe of abundance with a front row seat.

what remains while we sit and breathe and let the noise go is the unconditional love for the self.

perfect peace and tranquility.


Rachel said...

You are in terrible pain over something that needn`t have been so difficult.

Just let the situation go and know that there are thousands of women out there ready to accept your companionship, loyalty and charm.

You were a good friend to me when
I needed one most and i know that you have a great capacity for love that most men don`t and so if one woman out of thousands can`t see that after being so close, then that`s her problem and her loss.

dr.alistair said...

thanks for the kind words rachel, i`m deeply touched that you would say that.

if my bike is against the wall at 5bucks then you know where i`ll be.......

Rachel said...

Grande long Americano with a bit of water, right?

dr.alistair said...

that`s pretty good after two years....

But then again you made enough of them.