Wednesday, April 23, 2008

dry, silent tears.

you are surrounded by tears.

they flow when i come near.

dry and silent. they flow.

this is not my natural state. but yet i find myself crying now.

please cry, so i don`t have to any more.

i know i ask too much.


Anonymous said...

She dare not begin to cry. Those who bury thier feelings do so for what they believe to be good reasons.
You made her begin believe she could dig them up but got scared.
Did you?

Anonymous said...

Many have deep rooted hurt and pain. Some people wear their feelings on their sleeve while others do an amazing job of keeping them hidden. Either way both can be damaging to the inner spirit.

Tears don't have an on/off switch. Sometimes theyt fall when we really hope they don't, exposing our raw wounds.

On a positive note, tears can be an amazing release, cleansing, and sometimes a helpful tool in our healing process.

dr.alistair said...

well, once and twice again the anonymous postings hit home.

the damage to the spirit is temporary for those who can let go in a loving way.

i work at it every day.

to find a way to do the least harm.