Thursday, April 17, 2008


there are those who sing happy songs and those who sing sadder ones.

why is that?

experiences, i suppose.

the miles we walk shape us, and so the songs we sing reflect that.

i am an optimist in that i know the sun will rise tomorrow, though some days will be cloudy at best.

i have always felt a deep regard for the blues.

it`s not even an understanding of the words or the inflection of the voices so much as the mood of the music it`s self.

country music has a sad message traditionally, in some ways similar to the blues, but does little for me as i`m irritated by the busy noises made by the musicians.

the guitar, bass and drums of the blues evoke trains leaving the station, love betrayed and loneliness, and from my early childhood i was transported somewhere at the sound.

i can remember hearing led zeppelin doing "since i`ve been loving you" as a boy of thirteen of fourteen and i lost all sense of time and space standing that night on my back patio in the rain as the outdoor speakers carried jimmy page`s guitar to my ears.

i taught my oldest boy to play the beginning of that tune on the guitar and when he plays it the feeling is the same.

christine marion stood beside me that night waiting for the kiss that never came, because the music took me to a place where she couldn`t go......though we did finally kiss some other night.....i was incapable then.

is it a sadness?

who knows. i just know that, like robert plant says, "a minute seems like a lifetime, when i feel this way."


X. Dell said...

I know it seems that way to you, Mr. Craig and Christine Marion, and I have no doubt it's true. For rock and rollers, the problem is with living a lifetime in a single minute.

Dying fast and dying often leaves a lot of sad friends behind.

The blues, for me, is almost essential to life, one of the staples of existence. I've studied it closely, analyzed it to death, played it for years, and can tell you days worth of information about it. But the beauty of it is, blues is still a mystery to me.

dr.alistair said...

i`m glad it remains a mystery. we leave the things we understand behind.

the blues is so mysterious to me that i visit often with my guitar and my cds.

gary moore`s version of the messiah will come again gives me goose bumps every time.

but i have to ask, who is mr.craig?