Saturday, April 26, 2008

i am.......

..........icarus, and i discovered a way to fly high.

but the sun melted the wax that fixed the feathers to my arms so that i could soar so high.............and down i fell, crashing into the dust.

the moment i hit i saw the error in my plan and the solution flashed before me.

now i am healing from my injuries and have plans for a better way to fix feathers to my arms that doesn`t include wax.

and so i will once again swoop and sail and dive and climb and soar on wings of my own design.

those who stand below while i fly are so certain i will fall, and each time i come tearing down to earth they are proven right, and they warn me never to attempt such foolishness again.

but they forget one thing, these sensible and pragmatic men.

i fucking flew.


the caped misogynist. said...

motherfucker. yes you did.

Anonymous said...

And your addiction to flight will destroy you.

Danger. Run.

dr.alistair said...

we`re all going to die eventually.

can i describe the flight to you?


can i help you to experience it?


is it the same as actually flying?

don`t be stupid, only flying is flying.

only love is love.

only passion is passion.

as painful as it is to crash,i wouldn`t trade the experience for the pain.


as i sit here i agony from my injuries i say with absolute conviction that i would fly again in an instant.