Saturday, April 19, 2008

a problem.

a thousand times i have ridden the logical un-merry-go-round of a problem i have been caught in.

the problem has stolen my sleep and left me strained beyond my ability to function, to think or to begin to enjoy life at all, and so i have finally ended the process.

it is so against my nature to give up and turn the other way, but i have no other choice otherwise it will begin to wear me down irrepairably.

i packed everything about this problem into a box and shut the lid, in my mind.

then my life started again.

i heard the birds singing in the trees and it liftedmy soul.

i enjoyed my children`s laughter as we played in the park.

and i heard the music on the radio.

led zeppelin`s "rock and roll" came as a gift of such immeasurable joy, when i heard it on my friend`s car radio, that all i could do was play air drums and imagine john bonham hitting the skins so many years ago......

.....and i went to that place where all people go when we transcend the physical.

and i am so grateful.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!
I enjoyed watching my girls chasing one another along the beach and then I helplessly watched as my youngest girl fell on top of a couple sunbathing.

dr.alistair said...

children are certainly a gift.

i had forgotten how much enjoyed thier pleasure in life until i was able to brush back the veil of pain on saturday, but it took an enourmous force of will.

now that i recognise how to apply that force i will continue to steal my life back, piece by piece.