Tuesday, June 12, 2007

deep riff.


nature loves it and creates it at every turn.

we sort for symmetry as a high signal of beauty.

our math is solved by balancing both sides of the = sign.

whatever occurs on one side, happens on the other.

even in our laws, there is an equalising out in justice.

an eye for an eye.

and so to the depths of this riff.

whatever happens on one side of consciousness, happens on the other............

so what came before our collective awareness in three dimensions of space and one of time?

unless things are different all of a sudden in this one special case then it means that there is a vast awareness that we don`t have access to in this state.

but we are looking.


BBC said...

Chaos, like your life is, that is how this universe is created.

our math is solved by balancing both sides of the = sign.

The key word here is "our", do you really think that the cosmos gives a shit about 'your' math as a way to figure creation out?

You amuse me. Hugs.

dr.alistair said...

the cosmos is math.

on the one hand you defend science when it suits you and then reject it when it actually does something.

math is a way of describing things.

i`m saying that the equation here is consciousness on this side of creation and consciousnes on the other.

it balances the equation nicely.

not chaos.

that makes no sense whatsoever.

if there is sufficient math to predict the flight of a bumble bee and the growth of cells in an embryo or the likelyhood of a number to come up in a supposedly random lottery, then i will take some confidence that the equation balances when it comes to the existance of our conscious understanding of reality.