Thursday, June 14, 2007


sometimes i get tired.......

ok. 80% or more of the greenhouse gas on the planet is in the form of..........water vapour, a natural by-product of evapouration due to an increase in the temperature of the planet.

water vapour is NOT a cause of the increase.

effect, not cause.

so. all of the producers of greenhouse gasses can relax knowing that they are not responsible for the global warming that we are experiencing, even though they are in some small, statistically minute way, personally responsible for producing some sorts of greenhouse gasses.

just like i am typing away here........and you are reading and responding.

now. how do i know that humidity is an effect of temperature increase and not a cause?

think for yourself people.

where you live does it get warm first and then humid, or humid first and then warmer?

have you ever been in a greenhouse?

algore and his associates who have the dollars to make hour and a half long infomercials that we pay to see, use our gullability to allow us to over-ride our own natural powers of observation so that we don`t make simple observations about the world around us.

500 years ago scientists used thier natural ability to observe the world and figure out things like the weight of other planets in the solar system and the distance between planetary bodies..........and how genes operate and how to make things explode or stick together.

now we have been so dumbed-down that we confuse simple cause-and-effect models and believe car salesmen about things that we should take more seriously........ our ability to think for ourselves.


BBC said...

Do you care? Do your part, make a light footprint here?

dr.alistair said...

bill, i never took you for a moralist.

do i care?

do my part?

light footprint?

i am a stormtrooper.i crash and bang and make things explode.

especially bullshit.

and as for caring and doing my part.......

.......ask my clients when they stop drinking and smoking and eating too much and worrying and getting caught up in stale dead opinion of themselves that they forgot was someone else`s idea from the dim past that they don`t even remember saying anyway, but it haunts them every day in thier head until i give them the permission to tell the voice to shut the fuck up......

......and then they laugh.

just ask my clients.

don`t ever ask me whether i`m doing my bit.

i`m doing more than my bit.

i put my hand right in the wound and pull out the poison and some times it makes me sick too for a moment, but i keep on going......because i`m all these people have.

so fuck you and your moral position.

now you need a hug.

BBC said...

I'm not interested in your fucking fucked up clients you moron. You are as fucked up as they are.

Yes, I need a fucking hug, but not from you. Not that I wouldn't hug you, just don't expect me to respect your diplomas and that training though, because it's all bullshit.

You are an ignorant monkey that doesn't recognize God when you look in a mirror.

Of course I'm a moralist, in a way, you fool. And so the fuck are you.

And if they are all you have you are in deep shit.

Hugs..... Ya fucking idiot mortal.

dr.alistair said...

i don`t inflict any morality on others.

the moral use thier position to judge others and to condemn.

the opposite is acceptance, understanding and detachment, which i find infinitely more useful.