Saturday, June 30, 2007

why i don`t like liberals.

that we actually have to struggle against such political criminality is difficult enough.

and more precisely;

the liberals that espouse "equality" know this stuff as well as anyone who has studied history, sociology or politics at the degree level (that is, not out of a newspaper or tv news.......) and so they ignore these issues and press on for thier own political gain.


Fleming said...

Bravo! It's great to see you post this opinion.

dr.alistair said...

well thanks fleming, one has to tread carefully amongst the sleeping masses who have been lulled in to a false slumber of complacency and politicised humanitarianism, that allows them to ignore the blatantly obvious fact that our cities are becoming foriegn countries as we snooze on.

i live in a predominantly white suburb of toronto canada, where the insanity of the world is blamed on american hegemony and hundreds of years of european male rule.

i grew up in reading, england and left in 1971. in 1972 race riots in the city center burned the new shopping center down.

do we have the potential for things like that to happen in toronto?

difficult to say.

the police here have miltary style arms and training and vehicles.

BBC said...

You idiot (hugs)

Why didn't you just say that you don't like politicians and politics?

Left, right, it's all bullshit other than the fact that one helps balance the other out.

I there was only one side it would be a real mess.

Ricardo said...

But you like me Dr.A.

dr.alistair said...

first bill, you are the first one to be politically polarised and secondly, my comment was directed toward those who sell the this case liberals, politically and in the media.

for the most part politics is a self-serving game whereby one side becomes a cartoon of it`s self and the other reacts like a victorian aunty at teatime when the vicar passes wind.

and the population goes for it every time, much like those who think that professional wrestling is real.
(my apologies to those who appreciate it for pure theater and know the difference.)

and ricardo, as individuals we are all likeable.......

brad4d said...

Nixon's counsel, John Dean says this Bush has misunderstood the Conservative meanings of his Goldwater ideals and will turn the word conservative as bad as liberal (is now!) If you want anything more than you can afford you are liberal leaning! *Tradition has defensive costs.
The real freedom (to dream) is in libertarianism of generously appreciating others as inclusive creative rights. Denial is depressing, to form a club is asking for a fight*.
Bill's comment is astute . . & I remeber your post called AGREEMENT

dr.alistair said...

brad, thanks for your comments. it is the sad truth that we tend to be most motivated to opinion in matters of politics, where we are least likely to find solutions.

it is my view that the sooner we ignore them the the sooner they go away.

i am a churchhill conservative. the type whereby one sees results. in that specific case, the pushing back of the german threat to britain. once his job was done and peace was once again waged, he was replaced.

there are, after all, horses for courses.

my is also my view that bush was the man for the job regarding the middle east and that a clinton or a carter would have hesitated at best.

a liberal will hand out farm subsidies and give special rights to gays and minorities to meet an urban agenda, but in times of conflict we`d better be ready to actually fight.......something a liberal is afraid to do.

chewing over the tiresome political minutae to "prove" a position drags one further into the game of politics.

the simple fact remains; we were under attack and needed to defend ourselves.