Wednesday, June 13, 2007

more on chaos.

the closer one gets to the surface of the planet we live on the more organised things become.

all the toaster ovens and lap-top computers and guitars are right here near us humans, perfectly situated so that we can use them.

and as chaotic as a thermonuclear explosion can be, the one that continues to go off out there 93 million miles away in space keeps us warm and alive each and every day.

and i`m sure algore is planning some sunshine tax/insurance scheme as we speak so that everyone can have equal sun when they need it.

i didn`t say that everything is perfect.

there are those who like to fuck things up even though they are working just fine the way they are.

maybe this chaos thing is a personal issue..............


BBC said...

I don't understand what you have against Al Gore. We can ruin our ability to survive on this planet, there is no question about that.

It can support all our needs, but not all our greeds. Well, as long as it doesn't get over populated it can.

And they are not working just fine the way they are. Besides, it's our future, not our present that we should be worried about. Hugs

dr.alistair said...

government is not the solution.

the constitutional right to bear arms is a testament to that.

algore is a self-serving media whore who happens to be using the supposed environmental crisis for political means.

so we increase is that going to stop the arctic ice sheet from melting due to fluctuations in the heat emmited from the sun?

greenhouse gasses are on the increase on all the planets in the solar system as a result of these fluctuations.

how is making algore president going to reverse that?

he`s a smart guy though. you don`t make your own movie and eat sushi with billery if you are an idiot.

he`s also fully aware of the fact that he`s full of shit.

y`know, like car salesmen.

Ricardo said...

While I think there are some people that thrive on chaos thus seek to create it, I don't know if Al is one of them.

I think he means well and it does not hurt to keep the environment tidy even if the global warming issue is a non issue.

dr.alistair said...

well, there is a slight increase in the mean temperature of the planet.

i stress the word slight.

we can`t do anything about that though.

it would be like standing in a forest fire and being concerned about lighting a match.

all of the activity of humans on the planet is inconsequential to the temperature of the globe compared to the effects the sun has on it.....

and something else.

the heat coming from the core of the planet that hasn`t cooled completely from whenthe planet was first formed.


pick up a grade eight science text book and look to a section dealing with the core of the earth. once you wade past the crap on global warming you will see a diagram depicting the molten core of the planet.

it`s tens of thousands of degrees.


algore forget to mention......