Saturday, June 23, 2007

the secret.

the movie in question in my last post became a bit of a phenomenon last year after a female tv talk show host promoted it on her program.

anyone stupid enough to buy something or believe in something just because a tv personality talks about it deserves what they get.

however, the movie the secret contains some interesting viewpoints on the power of positive thinking that actually work.

the proof of this is that we all know the the power of negative thinking gets results too.

it`s just that positive thinking gets a bad name for some reason and people shy away from anything to do with living that way.

kind of a shame really.

and besides, i prefer to sort my reality by thinking positively. i just like myself when i feel this way and can`t see the benifit to thinking the worst about things, although you will always have plenty of people agreeing wih you if you do.


Fleming said...

My big problem with "The Secret" (and it is a really big problem), is that everything in the book (and the movie) was stolen from somewhere else. There is not one original thought or method there. Even the originator admits that it is a kind of compendium of many books. The big secret is, how did a copycat become such a huge success?

dr.alistair said...

fleming, you are correct in that the book the sectret was a synthesis of teachings from all of the mystical and occult classics......

.....including the bible.

i think it`s appeal has been it`s deep archetypal resonance with an idea we know on a cellular level to be true.

i know my life has always worked this way and cntinues to do so.

for me, the book (and the movie) was a refreshing and timely reminder.