Wednesday, June 06, 2007

so.....what do you think?

what do you think about the new look hypgnosys?

since i changed the look things have got a little quiet around here, so i thought i`d test for echo............


Anonymous said...

As an animal lover, I think the new look is great!! However in saying this you must know that from my experience people don't trust or like cats much. I do! I've heard them being refered to as snakes, sly, sneaky and not as smart as dogs. Having said that, I strongly disagree with this hypothesis. I find cats to be highly inteligtent and great loyal friends, not to mention fasinatingly interesting creatures. Cats have minds of their own and they are loners. They do what they want. You must let them come to you, its all on their terms. So.... they're not stupid they just don't feel like listening at that time, they will when they feel like it. That's smart!!! Highly misunderstood felines. I'm asuming the pic is a new addition to your home. Cute cat!

Anthony said...

hhhmmm..... Don't mess with kitty.
I may not post many comments, but I do read your blog regularly and I'd like to think I learn a little. Thanks!

dr.alistair said...

anon, the cat is an aloof and long-time friend of mine named sparky. he is approaching 13 years old, and doesn`t like having his picture taken......along with most other things.

and i agree with your assessment of cats as pets and as characters.

what you say about cats is what you say about yourself.

anthony, thanks for your kind words.