Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hoot-owl crazy.


first there was crazy, then there was bat-shit crazy.

now, thanks to new emerging forms of unusual behaviour there is a new designation.

hoot-owl crazy.



Ricardo said...

This has got to be a comedy skit. The mother is priceless. She also does not seem to be buying any of it either.

dr.alistair said...

due to the availability and low cost of public access tv in the u.s. this is the type of thing that you are going to see occasionally.

and she has a website, bless her.

i have to be honest though, i barely got past the first few minutes of her stuff. she may have some actual point to her ranting.

there was a minister on public access some years ago who looked and talked like snoop doggy dog which i found amusing also.

dr.alistair said...


but buried within her work is some clarity. in the audio posted above she is a little clearer and calmer in her presentation and gets her point across.

i owe her an apology.