Thursday, June 07, 2007

the character of cats.

the domestic cat is an independant animal that, while needing the companionship of humans, remains aloof and distant most of the time.

if you want a loyal unconditional fanclub that jumps up when you get home, get a dog, a cat is more interested in beauty rest and sharpening her claws on the back of the couch than meeting your fragile ego`s needs.

if you want to dominate and control another living thing, get a dog. a cat will show you it`s tail as soon as put up with your neediness.

if you want to impress your friends with your abilities as an animal trainer, get a dog. the only time a cat will pay any attention to you whatsoever is if she thinks you have food or catnip......or a laser pointer.

but if you want a deep spiritual connection with an animal, then raise a cat from a kitten and meet her every need unconditionally and then one quiet moment as you sit together you will realise that some things are just so absolutely perfect as to almost defy description.


BBC said...

I have four cats here and they very as much as humans, umm, monkeys.

Two of them are very loving, but not devoted like dogs, they don't frigging know what commands are. They don't care what the hell you want.

I'll give all of them credit for one thing though, none of them have ever got on my computer desk. Somehow they must know that would be a no no.

Yes, cats are independent, they think they are God, but just stop feeding them and they start wondering where God is.

If he doesn't show up they go looking for a new God.

Sometimes you can look into a cats eyes and get a strange feeling, but if you go "Boo" they take off. What pussies.

dr.alistair said...

there is some hope for you yet if you have four cats.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...............

Fleming said...

Alistair, as I'm reading your cat post I have a kitten stretched out purring on my chest, and so that last paragraph is especially poignant.

My experience is that cats are less stand-offish and uncaring than usually described. I've had cats who ran to meet me when I came home from work. And certainly this little kitten is eager to run over squealing "Pick me up!" when she first sees me in the morning.

Uh-oh. She just moved from my chest to the computer desk. The good part is, she's gone back to sleep on my . . . mouse pad! But wait, I need the mouse pad. Oh, well, she seems to need it worse than I do.

dr.alistair said...

the stand-offishness is usually experienced and described by those who wish to dominate and control the cat in some mistaken attempt to have the animal behave.

people apply this strategy to children also........and i ask them if they want thier children to visit them when they are old.......and if they feel that this type of parenting will encourage those visits to the nursing home...........

i miss my cats.

they live with my children and thier mother.