Friday, May 16, 2008


finally, a news article containing good news.

and it reminds me of how we find ourselves with someone that we have feelings for that we aren`t compatable with, yet we persist in trying to make it work.

i wish there had been a test like that for me on more than one occasion.

though there is plentyoffish.......

where i met someone so remarkably compatable with me that i`m still in shock.

she actually likes who i am.

and as much as i dislike (feel uncomfortable about?) dating sites, i have to say that sometimes they work to find someone to be happy with.

so today it`s all good for cats and people.....who act like a fish for a while.


Ms. Q said...

So you found her through a dating site? Aaaah, there is hope for me!

Loving someone who you aren't really compatible with - yeah, too bad there isn't a test to prevent going through that.

Oh yeah, life is the test...

I didn't want to but I fell in love with someone. Took me by surprise because it wasn't a good idea, that wasn't the deal and weren't even together all that long. Part of me was happy to learn that I could fall in love, the other part was aghast, "Why him?" Actually, I do know why: lovely, kind and gentle man. Just not ready.

Almost a year later and yet the feelings linger.

Anonymous said...

does this person have a name?

did you create this image in your mind?

dr.alistair said...

ms.q, there is always hope for those who subscribe to such.

don`t make deals with your soul in the future. i was asked to make one....too late...and it would have destroyed a lesser man.

or maybe that man was destroyed.


first question`s answer; yes.

second question`s answer; yes.

now you have more.

dr.alistair said...

oh, and there is a test for`s called time.

we have lost the art of taking time, i think because of the pressure of so many choices and that we think we need to rush, but i am always reminded that whatever is for us will not get past us.

just look to see the things that have worked in your life....they didn`t get by you, did they?

Ms. Q said...

Sometimes the things that work really try hard to make themselves known: the "gut feelings", the "coincidences". I'm a big believer that life will work out for the best for me. I have had to go through some painful times but I know they make me appreciate the good times so much more and they make me realize that most moments are good moments.

dr.alistair said...

yes. gut feelings,inuition, coincedences.

lying in the bath last night after soccer i found one of my girlfriend`s hairs. it made me smile and think of her as i lay it out on the side of the tub.

as i placed the hair down i noticed beside the fine blonde hair a darker thicker one.

my last girlfriend`s.....

this morning as i stood talking with a friend outside starbucks, the dark-haired one walked by.

the universe is a remarkable place.