Tuesday, May 20, 2008

we are..........

.............the good news.

we are the bad news.

we are the news. period.

which news do you decide to make?

plan to be disappointed at some point in the future?

plan to be happy now, and then?

in case you weren`t aware, these are all choices.

choices that take the same amount of energy.

the good ones and the bad ones.

it takes as much energy and focus to be fat as thin, rich or poor, heathy or ill.

so choose.

when we realise that we are choosing to be fat, ill and broke.......then we can stop.

and choose to be thin, healthy and rich.

or any point in between.

there are no superhumans. none able to work 24 hours a day, or lift 10,000 pounds, or run 200 miles an hour.

some people just think differently.

they think thin, healthy and rich......

.....and thier lives resonate with the thought.

and the reverse is true also.

but it is tragic that most think that the reverse is the only reality.

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