Saturday, May 03, 2008

may is here......

..........and with is comes the grass and the sun and the game i love the most.

there are many games that humans play....many are unconscious to the players.

games within games within games.

and i`m no different.

i love the dynamics of human interaction and the sheer poetry of the depth of it all.

games are joined and played for so many reasons, as many reasons are there are grains of sand on the shore.

and so to my favorite game.

football, or as they call it in north america, soccer.

to me this game brings people together as all good art does, and stirs the imagination. and with it the soul.....

the soul, once stirred becomes transcendant.

all week i prepare mentally and physically so that i can be the best i can on match day, so that i can run, pass and shoot as part of a team decision to win.

and for 90 minutes i can achieve perfection.


Ricardo said...

Let the games begin. soccer is such a stupid name for it.

dr.alistair said...

yes ricardo, i tend to agree......

but the game remains, and that`s all that matters.