Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the scientist in his lab.

i saw her again yesterday.

and yes, my heart lept. but i dropped myself down into a relaxed state and unattached to the thought of her and my heart rate dropped and i went back to my conversation........and i saw something new.

i saw a nervous uncertain girl who couldn`t look over without fiddling with her glasses and her hair as she stood in the line getting her coffee.

i didn`t miss that nervous girl.

this is the nervous girl who ran from a perfect thing. i never saw the nerves.

i felt it. but i ignored it because everything else felt so good.

so now i`m asked to recieve something from this beautiful new one, and i have to find my center to recieve.

otherwise i`m no better than the first one and the new one will get hurt.

life is too perfect and beautiful for that to happen on my shift again.

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