Wednesday, May 14, 2008


in the midst of turmoil and challenge we can find a reason celebrate.

in fact we must.

the simple fact that something magical and wonderous is occuring around us all the reason enough to be filled with joy.

even for a moment.

and that moment of elation is enough.

that moment sweeps everything else away.

you know it does.

a smile.

the sight of a flock of geese, like fighter jets flying low.

the perfect cup of coffee.

to ride like the wind.

to know you will fall in love agian.

because you will.


Ms. Q said...

Aaahh...yes! At any given moment there is something within it that is beautiful - if you look for it. Stitch enough of these together and you can create a wonderful day.

"To you you will fall in love again" ...yes and yes again.

dr.alistair said...

we get what we choose to focus on.

falling in love is a choice.

thanks for commenting ms.q