Wednesday, May 14, 2008

why do we blog?

age old question.

the blog is a modern form of the journal. it allows us to write things down as they come so that we can externalise our thoughts and see them in a different light.

this process lets us see different ways of coping with what sometimes becomes too difficult to handle otherwise.

the past few years have been a time of transition for me, from one form of existance to another.

a metamorphosis.

this blog has been a chronicle of the transition.

one day i will let my children read parts, as they come to thier own challenges, and hopefully it will provide a different dimension for them as they grow into men.

many have read bits, and followed chapters, and commented and helped as they could, and some have come out of judgement found thier "proof" without asking......and i`m ok with that because the benifits i recieve far outweigh the loss of the consideration of those sorts.

this blog is a filter. a test. a work in progress and a celebration.

this blog contains a major part of my life, and i go back and read entries from years ago and remember them like it was now.

like the friend you have known for years who doesn`t judge, but remembers........

a man once said to me as we struggled to get through something we were doing.

he said "we are stronger than we think we are".

this is one way of proving that.


Anonymous said...

yes... funny thoughts!

Anonymous said...

All in due time.