Saturday, May 10, 2008

the mind.

the mind is what we are training. the body just follows blindly along.

what we decide to do, in our mind, makes our bodies go.

when we realise this we begin to prepare our mind more carefully.....

otherwise the careless mind puts the stupid robot body in harm`s way.

the pictures we show ourselves and the voices we hear in our heads make us feel things in our bodies as commands, sensations and emotions.

what pictures are you choosing to show yourself?


Ms. Q said...


It's difficult to change your thoughts and the stories you tell yourself.

I've had to "change my mind" using many different methods - listening to CDs, writing, speaking (affirmations), visualizing ...

It IS "all in our mind!"

dr.alistair said...

i am trained in a discipline called nlp.

neoro-linguistic programming.

it deals in the precise way we do the "changing of the mind".

writing, speaking, visualising etc, are all ways to begin to change our minds.

the intense pressure of relationships, sexual or otherwise, automatically re-program the consciousness in ways that we barely understand unless we have good relationships in our history.

the only way to change this is to cool off....take time alone.....and be conscious of what you want.....and honour the love you have for yourself.

and take the chance again.

the thoughts you have and the stories you tell yourself change the instant you decide to change them.

many call these lies or delusions or fantasies...but fuck them, they can live with thier shit.....we have better things to do.

Ms. Q said...

I've been studying NLP - as with most things, you have to be ready for 'em. A very close friend of mine mentioned NLP over a decade ago. My thoughts were "whaaa??"

Then a few years ago I began more inner work and came across many techniques that I learned originated in NLP. It's fascinating how the mind works. Some people find Anthony Robbins highly annoying and now that I think about it, financially successful motivators do end up being targets but a concept I've really liked of his is "What is your life metaphor?"

When I read that it brought so many things into focus! I tend to trust that things will work out for the best which has helped me weather things like losing a job, heartbreak, and little inconveniences. The same friend who introduced me to NLP told me that he believes that life is a cruel joke. Ouch. I pointed out our different views and as someone who is receiving NLP coaching, I thought he'd try to change this particular metaphor. He said, "I tried that. Seems to work for you. Doesn't work for me."

What comes first? The thought or the reality?? He also thinks that life is hard and nothing comes easily. Sigh.

dr.alistair said...

it takes true courage to threaten the ego enough to change one`s script.

"oz never gave the tin man anything he didn`t already have...."

your friend`s words are full of anchors to his limiting pre-suppositions about life.

when you are crying from the depths of your soul from loss of love, then you will naturally feel that life is but a joke, but we have to know that even the best of things must pass.

some come out of pain with a new love for this life, and others stack up the resentment even higher.

for me, life is too short to cling on to pain for long.

too much joy left to be experienced.

this universe is built on the blazing optimism of the next love we will encounter.

through the pain i realised that i am icarus and that i`m [foolish?] brave enough to put more feathers on and try to fly once more.

but that`s just me.

can we change our essense?

don`t know....i just know that nlp and so on gave me an understanding of how i do my life and how to fine tune it occasionally.