Friday, May 09, 2008

strange energy.

there was, and still is, a strange energy about the town today.

i rode into starbucks looking to see if her car was there and saw that the coast was clear, and got a bagel.

by the time i put my hand on the door of the coffee shop i noticed her going in the inside door ahead of me.............

another opportunity to use my jedi mastery (for fuck`s sake...why didn`t it work before it was too late?)

so wtf? why is it that we are continually doing this?

my games, her games, what. the. fuck.

i am grateful that the wound has healed at least superficially and that i can function normally, for the most part.

i find myself going over so much of what we did and said together and it is so alien to me that a woman would choose to do what she did.

a short period on a dating site (plenty of fish.) allowed me the distict pleasure of meeting a woman who is as into me as i am into her. we have enjoyed two dates together, and i will see her again tonight.

and there are no buts.

no looking back.

and the strange energy of the town was evident on the roads.

apparently there was an accident on the highway and there was about double the normal traffic on the roads.

it was sunny though and my spirits were high and that`s the main thing.

and i`m looking forward to seeing my new friend tonight.......


Anonymous said...

As I have said before, she`s not going to leave. She wants to see what else there is to take.
I would stay away from starbucks as much as possible and invest your time and energy in your new friend.....which I`m sure You`ll no problem doing.

dr.alistair said...

er, no i certainly won`t.