Sunday, July 01, 2007

and so........

......back to regularly scheduled programming.

after all the bullshit about politics and race and love and hate for others.......what can we do about this thing called life.......right now, with what we have?

we can choose to have good feelings for no reason.

so often i see people digging themselves further into their discomfort by continuing to churn up the same feelings that got them feeling the way they do.

and they don`t realise that they could have chosen a better feeling or two along the way.

so how does one do that?

well, the other day i was going to the gym and as i walked into the mall where the gym is i passed the pet store window and saw something remarkable.

people standing in front of the store window smiling.

and people inside the store smiling.

people looking at and playing with and holding animals.

and i realised that without even thinking i was smiling too.

so i continued.

i stood in front of the pet store window with a small group of strangers for a few minutes and watched kittens doing what they do.

and i smiled.

and in all that time i never once thought about killing anyone or global warming or how many clients i need to see to pay the rent or how much my lawyer is costing or whatever.

i just smiled.

so it`s a choice.

and that makes me smile too.

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