Thursday, August 09, 2007

the a.m.a.


X. Dell said...

This is the first I've read about Fishbein and Rife, but I have read much about the AMA's role in current healthcare.

While the AMA has a legitimate role in exposing quackery, there are other aspects to the institution that have not served the public health. Recently, there was an AMA attempt to mobilize doctors against malpractice. The bottom line is that malpractice exists to help with the care of those suffering from ideopathy and iatrogenesis over long periods of time (sometimes, for the rest of their lives).

Most importantly is the way in which the AMA has structured healthcare in the US. There are a lot of medical procedures that would best be done by nurse practicioners and other staff, for one example.

I wouldn't say that the AMA is completely inept, or that the tactics of a Fishbein speak for an entire organization in and of themselves (the veneration of Fishbein is another issue). I would say that they also perform an important function. Afer all, just because someone bucks the medical establishment doesn't mean that their points of view are valid.

I would say that a more critical view of the organization would be in order. Unfortunately, however, I don't think that's in the near future. After all, the public notion of doctors is only partially forme by their experience with them. Many people don't have insurance, and don't see the doctor regularly, if at all. On the other hand, they're always professional and dedicated on TV shows, and that's the image that the AMA projects.

dr.alistair said...

the tragedy is that the a.m.a. is the one who decides who is a quack and who is not.

the a.m.a. condones and promotes hypnosis and nlp as long as the practitioner is also a medical doctor.

if you use either of these powerful healing modalities to adress behaviours such as bulemia or other "medical" conditions without also being a medical doctor you have commited a crime.

i treated a patient for a facial tick and upon discussion with his doctor, the m.d. informed my client that i should be investigated for practicing without a "licence".

while the majority of medical doctors are tolerant of hypnotherapy and nlp, some are hostile because of the encroachment into "thier" field, known as illness.