Thursday, August 23, 2007

global warming revisited.

watch the movie before you comment.

some of the commentary is bland and slightly patronising, but hysterical fear-mongering deserves a good old-fashioned telling off occasionally.

global physics presented in simple, easy to understand ways.

so put away the placards and peace sign t-shirts and find another cause to follow because temperatures have been rising and falling on the planet for millions of years without your help, and stop telling me what type of car to drive and how much air-conditioning to use.


The Caped Mysogenist said...

And speaking of environmental damage, try taking a bath occasionally and wearing underwear.

Freaking hippies.

dr.alistair said...

for fear of seeming pedantic i have to say that, though i love your moniker, you spelled misogynist incorrectly.

and why caped?

The Caped Misogynist said...

I stand corrected.

Caped? All superheroes wear a cape.

Up,up and away!

Anonymous said...

I watched a few minutes of the movie. Enough to see that the "enviros" have a pretty biased postion from which to operate.
It never made sense to me that a relatively small energetic effect such as industrial emmissions could have caused changes in global temperatures compared to such things as changes in solar emmisions, which scientists themselves are suggesting can be powerful enough to strip water from the surface of a planet.

dr.alistair said...

well, the sheer energetic scale of the energy emitted by the sun is staggering. one just has to spend an hour in the sun on a beach near the equator to feel the effect, and compare that to the chill of the canadian winter caused by a slight turning of the hemisphere away from the sun`s rays.

imagine if the sun decides to brighten substantially for a period of time or somehow dim down. either way the planet will become unliveable for a very long time.

even if the solar fluctuation is minimal the damage her would be catastrophic.

but, in the meantime, continue to sort garbage and bundle paper products, because it is huge business for "environmental" companies and you are doing your bit by volunteering......

garbage is gold.

that`s why the mafia is in the business.

BBC said...

so put away the placards and peace sign t-shirts and find another cause to follow because temperatures have been rising and falling on the planet for millions of years without your help, and stop telling me what type of car to drive and how much air-conditioning to use.

I'm starting to understand why you are getting a divorce. Because you are an idiot and don't care about this planet. Only your own comforts.

Well, give those same comforts to everyone and see how fast this planet goes to hell. You would make a good Christian though, thinking that a bogyman God will come along and fix everything.

On the other hand, maybe you just don't give a fuck about the planet?

dr.alistair said...

bill, dude, that`s pretty harshly personal.

there`s not much you or i or anyone can do to stop ice ages or global warming.

algore was wrong.

the sun dictates the heat of the globe, not monkeys with range rovers.

you didn`t watch the movie did you?

you`d rather believe algore because he`s politically opposed to george bush, who you hate.


i thought you got your insight from some other source than the washington post.

dr.alistair said...

oh yeah, and bill?, my bicycle doesn`t have air-conditioning.

SJ said...

You know what? This whole global warming thing may turn the focus away from the real problems - rivers clogged with sewage, vehicles belching smoke till you need oxygen masks (trust me it's like that here). That's what used to be the focus why does suddenly everyone need a rather dubious apocalyptic scenario.

dr.alistair said...

sj, there is obvious reason for concern when that kind of thing is going on and in north america and europe we were there at one point too. but it`s got to the point here where people have got the permission to interfere and make judgement on others based on the type of car they drive and how thier garbage is sorted.
none of which makes any kind of difference.
the only thing it does is make garbage companies money and media companies money and the manufacturers of a different kind of car money......
and global warming will continue as long as the sun puts out more energy.
when my friend was a boy in england in the thirties, he had a job guiding cars up a hill.
the reason why he had this job was that it was so foggy all the time from coal fire emmisions that people driving cars couldn`t see eachother up and down the hill in front of his house.
it`s not like that now.
technology substantially changes people`s lives.
it will change our lives, as it has up until now.
we will be alright.
we are alright.
i live ten miles from a major steel plant that is in the process of winding down.
every year they employ less people and more of the factory is claimed for green space and walk-ways and so on.
i went on a date at a cafe along the waterfront recently where they used to dock ships to take steel across lake otario. there are still great piles of steel lying there gradually returning to the earth and some industry chugging along, but pretty soon we will have turned it all into parks and condos.
and i imagine someone will gripe about that.
but the sky here isn`t quite so grey and brown as i imagine it used to be in the sixties when stelco and dofasco and all the other industries here were running flat out.
now the grass is green.

SJ said...

Hope we get there too :) The green grass part not the fear-mongering.

dr.alistair said...

you will sj. the green grass will return when the industry cycle wanes.

i have been criticised here for apparently not caring about the environment and so on, but there is nothing farther from the truth.

i care a great deal.

i do however make the distinction between the things i can do and the things i cannot do.

i will say it again for fear of sounding like a broken record.

we cannot change global warming, because we didn`t cause it in the first place.

we are just being set up for more taxes...........

BBC said...

bill, dude, that`s pretty harshly personal.

Yeah, I get that way, why wouldn't God get that way? And if you don't think that almost seven billion people on this planet doing the things they do isn't having an effect on it and tearing it to pieces you are truly an idiot.

At least Al Gore cares, even if he doesn't live like he cares. So fuck you. Hugs of course.

The real problem is that you monkeys fuck each other without protection against birth control and you are over populating the planet.

But not to worry, mother nature will wipe a lot of your stupid asses out to get your populations back in line.

In fact I'm willing to bet that I will live longer than you do.

dr.alistair said...

bill, you obviously have spent a fair amount of time listening to algore.

but you haven`t bothered, even for a minute, to watch any other commentary regarding the issue of evironment, brought by scientists, as a rebuttal to the highly politically motivated media that pervades the common consciousness.

it strikes me that you are concerned that you wouldn`t be able to maintain your fervent position if you exposed yourself to a reasoned counter position.

this is why, in some countries, there is still a culture of reason and debate, whereas here all we have is a polarised opinion that is defended to the point of insult.

and so, from your last post i will infer that you feel that it is the planet, and not people, that are more precious and worth preserving.....and that further, we should work toward saving the planet even to our on detriment.

so what is it that algore cares about?

votes, i imagine.