Sunday, August 05, 2007

live from wiltshire.....

........... it`s tuxedo boy.

smart people are happier?

well, this little jasper has approximately 14 brain cells, the majority of which are dedicated to shitting and chasing small pieces of string, and he`s as happy as a clam.........except for just this second when some clever git flashed a really bright light in his eyes just as he was about to solve for x.


SJ said...

Hope you aren't saying you don't liek cats...

I think a certain amount stupidity is needed to be happy - or at least very low expectations. Low expectations could be a result of a low self esteem or renunciation. If we were to draw a bell curve based on the philosophical-ness of people, those on either end would be happy the majority would be in the unhappy middle.

dr.alistair said...

fuck i hope i`m not saying that either sj.....

some my dearest companions and have been cats.

and about stupidity.....i`m too bright to be happy in the way you characterise, but i`m not unhappy in the hump-in-the-middle way either.

i think my discontent is a nietzchian sort that finds me lonely for discourse.........but i live in a socialist wet dream called canada where people are spoon-fed political correctness each morning.

most people here get thier exercise jumping to conclusions and enter into conversations expecting you to agree with them and when your position differs slightly from thiers they get defensive immediately.

debate isn`t taught in schools anymore and so personal attacks are where most discussions gravitate.

and i don`t think most people are "stupid" so much as they don`t understand the mechanisms of discourse well enough to play with any sort of ability.

X. Dell said...

If he only has fourteen brain cells, I surprised his autonomic systems still function.

I reckon that if one is happy, though not very intelligent, does that still count? After all, if he isn't intelligent, how does he know he's happy?

dr.alistair said...

well, we come back to solipsism don`t we. happy is exactly that. happy.

the value placed on intelligence, at least in our society, is based on productivity.

the most productive people aren`t necessarily the happiest.