Saturday, August 25, 2007

for bill.



SJ said...

Gore is a nice surname isn't it? Would done great as a WWE wrestler's name or during the Inquisition.

dr.alistair said...

well, i suppose bush is an equally infortunate a last name....

though gore has that sort of sharp metal through the kidneys sort of feel to it.

and i`ve never seen him blink either, and i find that kind of spooky.

he`s a big stiff wax ken doll of a bloke.

i`ve thought that maybe he was a robot or something, like hymie off get smart......version II maybe.

BBC said...

Why for me? I already knew that.

I knew that they both have places bigger than they need. That they both are needy people, just like you would be if you could be. But at least Gore preaches ecology.

I live in one 12' X 15' room and I'm okay with that. My property is 75' X 100', and I'm okay with that also.

I own it free and clear and it is a hell of a lot more than you own. :-)

Like I've said before, I've lived in fancy homes, but they didn't make me a happy person.

I'm still not happy, but it's because of how the world is, not because of how I live. I'm very okay with how I live.

I'm warm, I have food, I'm as safe as anyone. And I have the love of the wonderful lady next door.

And most women wouldn't make a pimple on her butt, so there you go.

If she loves you she doesn't want things from you, like a nicer home or car or trip.

She just wants to screw your brains out. It's really to bad that she doesn't turn me on that way because she is such a wonderful woman in all other ways.

And of course, I compare all other women to her. Every man on this planet should have a woman like her.

BBC said...

"Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval."

I don't give a fuck if you approve a comment or not. See how I am? I have a blog, I can comment on it if others don't approve of the comments I post on their blogs.

I can do complete posts about them, but the fools don't seem to understand that.

dr.alistair said...

i post every comment made.

and gore doesn`t preach ecology, he preaches fear.

and the reason why he wants us scared is so that we will try to buy back a cooler planet, which is impossible.

there is no amount of money that can stop the effects of an increasing coronal discharge.

and the reason i write about this continually is that i feel that it is my duty to point out this simple fact so that those who read can make an informed decision.

because taxes are a theft of our soveriegn right as free men.