Monday, August 13, 2007

ok, so here we are. a harvard professor of psychology investigates alien abduction experiences and writes books on the subject.....gets investigated by an internal committee at the school and is allowed to continue while the lawyer alan dershewietz comes to his defence.........not materially, but in his right to say what he wants.

meanwhile people keep having the experiences.

a lot of people.


X. Dell said...

You might be interested in reading a series I posted last year in July 2006, starting with "Four Cases of Alleged Alien Abduction," and ending with "Doubters, Believers and the Wildcard: Pt 4." It includes the look at the subject of alien abudction by a number of psychologists and psychiatrists including Dr. Mack.

BBC said...

"a harvard professor of psychology investigates alien abduction experiences and writes books on the subject."

Well isn't that sweet? He has so called credentials because he is a Harvard professor. He writes a book and a lot of suckers buy it and makes him a ton of money.

Don't you just love America and the fact that it is chock full of frigging idiots?

Until one shows up in my yard so I can pop it in the oven I am a nonbeliever.

I really do believe that there are more important things you could tackle than fiction. Hugs.

dr.alistair said...

well, that was a fairly comprehensive tour of popular ufo lore.

coincedentally i began reading a new book today about the roswell incedant that has got me interested in the subect after becoming convinced that it had died a death from overexposure.

the name of the book escapes me for the moment as i picked it up at a local book store but i will make a point of noting it.

the clear point the authors make about the validity of the case is that the resident ranchers in the roswell area consistantly had to pick up balloon wreckage so that thier animals wouldn`t suffocate from eating them, so they were all well aware of the difference between a balloon and whatever came down on mack brazel`s ranch.

that was the reason why so many people made the 75 mile trip into the high desert to see the wreckage well before the airforce was aware of the crash.

that and the fact that the government has made at least four attempts to explain the incedent, including initally announcing that an alien saucer has crashed in the desert.


questions remain.

BBC said...

"questions remain."

If they are not seen as human can we use them as slaves?

Can we sell them in a sex trade? I wouldn't mind having a sex slave.

I see money making opportunities here. Hell, I hope that I'm the first one that can produce them for real instead of just in peoples imaginations.

Would you like to get in on this?

X. Dell said...

There's also Lt. Haut's deathbed confession that he saw the alien corpses at Roswell, before they were shipped to Wright Field in Ohio. There are a number of reasons why both a weather balloon and a Mogul balloon were not very likely causes of the crash. So the only thing we can say for sure is that someone official is hiding something.

Methinks that there will be more new information coming from Roswell, eventually, that will further fuel the speculation about the existence and nature of flying discs. Moreover, I'm relatively sure that this new info will come directly or indirectly from Uncle Sam. Why? Because all of the past info about Roswell, or any other US UFO incident, has, outside of individual sightings.

dr.alistair said...

x, can i deduce from your comments that you feel that the government is slowly de-sensitizing the public regarding the phenomenon?

and bill, there is a vast community of people in the ufo community that will tell you that there is little money in telling tales about little green men.

as i read more of the new roswell book i get more of an impression that the "government", or whichever department is responsible for this sort of thing, was fully indulging themselves in terrorising the population of roswell new mexico.

did you know that mack brazel was held for nearly a week after reporting the crash without even being allowed to tell his wife where he was?

dr.alistair said...

i`m sorry. the government also mistook a balloon for a crashed disk so completely that they issued a press release which was published in the newspaper and then changed thier story the next day.

scicop? so much for critical thinking.

counter-intellegence agent?