Monday, August 27, 2007

this is a strange picture. supposed to be a picture of the virgin mary.....but what`s with the odd devil horns at the feet of the woman praying and the odd little fellow holding a bundle over his head, and what looks like the tail feathers of a hawk behind him.
the picture was sent to me by a friend with the admonishment that i should forward the image to 20 people so that i could have good luck in the coming few days or so.
the message also had the subtle message that some had ignored the instruction and met with tragedy........
i generally ignore instructions like that and rebuke the sender is some way, but this image is so strange that i felt compelled to present it for comment here.


The Caped Misogynist. said...

And what kind of odd shapes are being illustrated in the folds of her dress?
Just another troublemaking female from where I sit.

chrissy said...

Maybe this picture is trying to show that have faith, there are temptations and other eveils in life, but what outstands all is faith............maybe, this is my first guess. but you are right, it's a very interesting picture.

dr.alistair said...

anything is a good reminder if it reminds, and that`s the strength of religious iconography, to remind.

but beneath the the reminder in this image are some pretty grim elements.

did you see the pale blue devil profile in the smoke at the lower left side of the picture?

dr.alistair said...

and i`d expect that kind of comment from a misogynist.

chrissy said...

I did, but it does not still effect me in a negative way. Virgin Mary in this picture is prevailing over all obstacles and evils. Life has good and bad to offer, believing helps a person walk through those difficulties and look at life in a positive way. I think this picture is telling you to believe. I believe. I think it's a beautiful picture.

i did not realize you have friends who are misogynist. i did not even know what it meant, til i looked it up.

dr.alistair said...

the caped misogynist is a recent visitor who doesn`t make his or her presence known other than to name the posts.

some commentators actually have blogs that the name links to and others want to comment in anonymity.

all comments are welcomed and in whatever form peoplewish to appear.

dr.alistair said...

and regarding the images, if you notice them you can rationalise them, because we all know there is no such thing as a ghost.

it is if all you see is the bvm is where the trouble starts.

greg said...

This image is the first marian miracle of the new world, and itself appeared on the peasant's sack after, i believe, its contents were transformed into roses. the original still hangs in the church of Guadaloupe. This all has an amazing coincidental connection in my life which was made deeply manifest just yesterday! Thanks for sharing this!

Also the horns, are those of the crescent moon, and mary iconographically is associated with the 'woman standing on the moon' image from Revelations,

dr.alistair said...

greg, thanks for the information.



tonight is the full moon, and last night i sat with friends on the patio at starbucks as the moon rose up over the shops across the road and the conversation briefly fell to lunacy.

your explanation of the picture as a representation of the appearance of the bvm at guadaloupe has made me reflect on my life-long interest in ufos and the esoteric.

this is a life-long conversation.

it was the conversation at starbucks last night.

i become more confident in accepting the fact that i don`t know the answer to all these things, but that i am in awe of them more each day.

to me the bvm was an event that was filtered by the witnesses using a catholic frame of reference.

robert anton wilson called these frames tunnel realities.

how would the bvm be seen if you weren`t a catholic?


a syncronicity of events.

a convergence of intent.

chrissy said...

did you see the eclispe this morning. i wondered if there should have been a knock on your door to wake you up to go see the eclispe. i wondered.

BBC said...

It looks like something Di Vinci would have done.

But keep in mind that that is from an older age and that this is a new day in our evolution.

My advice is to ignore it and move on looking forward, everything is in the future and not the past.

Each day is a new day and a new future.

dr.alistair said...

16th century bill. the catholic church were busy torturing people to confess.

today they just bore them to death.

and no chrissy, i didn`t know about the eclipse.......

The Caped Misogynist. said...

Dr.A, I think Chrissy is hinting something...........

chrissy said...

i think dr. a knows but chooses his words carefully without hurting feelings.....i can respect that. anyways, i just wondered, just wondered, so no worries, because it would not be chrissy if she did not pursue to get what she liked.