Monday, August 13, 2007


A stupid person is someone who causes damage to another person, or a group of people, without any advantage accruing to himself (or herself) -- or even with some resultant self-damage.

i`m going to find the rest of this, but enjoy anyway...............

apparently the executors of the estate of this writer of this illuminating paper felt that it was important to force people to remove copies of his work for some reason.

stupidity possibly.

anyway, the thrust of this work is that it sheds light on how people are thier own worst enemies.

i find stupidity breathtakingly funny for the simple reason that a large percentage of the stupidity in the world could be avoided if people would read the paper posted above and recognise thier potential for stupidity.........and fucking stop it.

at this point there is abound to be someone who figures that i`m discluding myself from the group of people refered to as stupid.

well, here`s the thing. i have my days where i`m as stupid as the next person, getting drawn into political debates or agreeing to go to a wedding or helping a friend move a piano for instance, but where i differ is that i resist the urge most of the time, whereby sharply increasing my functional intelligence.

my motto; lead, follow or get out of the way.


chrissy said...

Stupidity is falling is loving endlessly and selfishly. At the end you are nothing and alone. And still the heart aches. Funny and stupid is love.

chrissy said...

it would be stupid of me to say or feel, but it was nice to see you, there was a jolt in my tummy because i did not expect you to be standing in front of me. I read alot of what you have written in your Blog. It is very interesting. Especially about Easter, i don't think the woman was hostile at all.

dr.alistair said...

the woman i refered to in this post was entirely hostile to my joke about her religion. she became outright indignant that i didn`t share her view of christianity and therefore showing her intolerance.

funny and stupid is love, but friendship endures.

BBC said...

"she became outright indignant that i didn`t share her view of christianity and therefore showing her intolerance."

Many christians are like that, screw them. They constantly kill each other everyday, thereby proving their insanity.

My motto is "It's my parade, get in line or get your little monkey butt over on the curb and watch".

chrissy said...

i am happy to hear that we agree that funny and stupid is love. and glad to hear that friendship endures, because in this lifetime not many can afford to loose a friend.

i hope that the woman in the easter comment was not someone we both know, because the woman i know who wished you happy easter was not hostile. this is just an fyi, i just want to make sure you don't misunderstand her.

it was nice to see you ..........anyways.

X. Dell said...

I view stupidity not as a permanent condition, but rather a temporary one that can change over the course of a lifetime. In other words, people aren't really stupid. They just do stupid things. Sometimes, they do them repeatedly.

I agree with some of the main points of the link in that stupidity has grave consequences to social units. Some of the characterizations of stupidty and observations of it, I felt, were a bit overgeneralized.

I've posted a bit about this, basically within the context of Les Braverman's Labor and Monopoly Capitol, and his concept of "de-skilling." While you might abjor stupidity, there's a lot of folks who have a vested interest in fostering it.

dr.alistair said...

x. while stupidity, in the cntext of the article, is to be abhored......for the simple reason that it can be consciously changed, if the person is willing, the type of stupidity in a labour pool is a different thing entirely and is more a matter of functional intelligence than pre-concieved values and moralising.

dr.alistair said...

and the woman who wished me happy easter that i was refering to is unknown to you chrissy........

greg said...

Does stupidity = thoughtlessness? mindlessness? ignorance?

It's different than The Fool who at least has the common sense to understand he knows very little, but boldly treks off anyway.

Love shouldn't be stupid ... but certainly foolish!

Education has many counter effects to stupidity, and it just aint book learnin' but keeping the mind open, and somehow guarded at the same time.

You once mentioned to me how conciousness is all a trance state to various degrees - how does one achieve a balance and even keel? How does one reach a state of an awareness which is true and real?

Thanks again!

dr.alistair said...

the stupidity represented in the paper posted above is a cultural product.

i have been thinking about the reasons why this megalithic stupidity exists and i have the beginings of a thesis, which i`m becoming tempted to explore here.

love is a neuro-chemical response
to stimulus at the reproductive level and closely mirrors anger, hate and revenge in it`s intensity. to give it emotional co-notations is a product of romanticism.

it is interesting how hollywood has made empires portraying these few simple behaviours, where it takes foriegn films with sub-titles to explore more the more subtle human motivations.

i realise that may sound cold and analytical to some but the truth is borne out in how our feelings rise and fall over time.

i value friendship, loyalty and trust far more than love.

the fool is the niave and intuitive adventurer learning about the world with understanding just how high the mountains are.

if he did he wouldn`t dream of doing the things he tries.

Anonymous said...

with the right partner you should have friendship, loyalty and trust that's what love is all about!!
That's how you love someone unconditionally
I'm one of the lucky ones who can say that I love my friends and they love me no matter what!

That's where I am tonight with my friends!

dr.alistair said...

an even keel?

an awareness that is true and real?

all awareness is true and real.

when we realise that our reality is created by choice then we become aware of our own divinity.

much is emerging about this exact concept.

everything from the book the secret to the writings of charles cosimano (uncle chuckie.)

our reality is created by our intent.

everything that we are surrounded by and will happen next is due to our intent.

if you are happy with that then bash on.....

if not then you have to actively decide and intend to choose another target outcome.

because you always have been anyway.

dr.alistair said...

anonymouse, unconditonal love is a relationship with the self. friends take care of themselves.

otherwise we end up in co-dependant needy situations where people are obliged to unhappiness.

love is neuro-chemistry.

that`s why there are almost seven billion of us on the planet.

Anonymous said...

I really do love myself this way I'm able to share with others.

As for my friends they also love themselves and there is no msg added. We able to help one another and expect nothing in return!!

People allow themselves to be unhappy. It could be a career
choice, financial even just to have a bad day, learn to suck it up and deal with it.

Then there are the ones who cannot feel anything, they don't know what it's like to have someone love them and when they do they get scared. Make up all the excuses that sound right.
You live with your choices and life moves on.....

You go to the grocery store and while in line a complete stranger admires you and pays you a compliment and asks you out for coffee. Do you play game and say yes?? they had the nerve to ask me so why not go, a coffee never hurts!!

X. Dell said...

I don't think they are entirely two different things. After all, how do you get someone to be a happy dullard from 9 to 5 and then allow him to be an intellect the rest of the time? After all, intellectual pursuits outside the job could challenge the established order inside the job. A manager doesn't want his workers reading Marx, or Horkheimer, or watching documentaries on the Wobblies.

In other words, it's not a question of functional intelligence, but of dealing with the problem stated by the Wayne State researcher, namely having too many non-stupid people for too many stupid jobs.

We talk about the dumbing down of whatever society we live in. It requires the fostering of a culture of stupidity, or at least a culture where only gross stupidity is ridiculed, and more pervasive manifestations (e.g. bigotry) are encouraged and rewarded.

dr.alistair said...

x. maybe it`s a personal projection of mine, but i cannot be jekyll/hyde. i`m as anylitical and iconoclastic at work as i am socially and at home, so i have a hard time seeing the mechanism operating culturally, though there are many reading marx at home and merely mildly percolating in front of the boss.

anonymouse? you don`t expect anything in return? really?

and yes, a coffee never hurts.

dr.alistair said...

and the general population is given many narcotics and other soporifics in the form of subtle and not so subtle media and substances to consume.

just look at which substances and media are most regulated and taxed.

alcohol, gambling, cigarettes.........

and the illegal and illicit that regulate themselves.

porn, drugs, the underground economy.

taxes on the "stupid".

Anonymous said...

That's right I expect nothing in return. The types of friends that I have are sincere and genuine and would never carry the "You owe me attitude"!

The coffee was pleasant!

dr.alistair said...

media. narcotics.