Thursday, August 16, 2007

why do people act stupidly?

in the post on stupidity, a stupid person is defined as someone who`s actions bring harm to themselves and/or to others without net benifit.


internal dialog.

people have a conversation in thier heads going all the time that creates pictures and generates more conversation.

we hear voices and see things.

we are experiencing hallucinations that we passively accept as reality.

the stupid person lets those internal mechanisms run the show.

so does the hapless, the bandit and the intelligent.

the internal dialog of these different groups is the mechanism that creates the different behaviour, and is situationally specific.

some stupid people become a bandit in the courtroom for instance, and some hapless souls become intelligent behind thier desk in the office.

horses for courses.

and there are those who consistantly make a horse run the wrong course.

it is my personal and professional view that stupidity is a conditioned state, and that with training people can become bandits quite quickly................


SJ said...

All I got to say is : Duh!

greg said...

And this is all about ego construct and self-identity, right? It also fits into which group we want to identify with.

There's a scary, funny movie called Idiocracy, which shows a bleak future where a pro-wrestler is president, and people are named Pepsi and Coke, and yell Shut up! and Fag! all the time.

Someone explained to me how Bush could get elected president of the most powerful nation in the world, because with so many people of below average intelligence, anyone just a little smarter seems way smarter!
Dont watch this:

Ricardo said...

Oh I agree entirely and where there is a will there is a way. Sometimes people don't see their potential and play the stupid role.

BTW, we were having a discussion on my blog about anxiety attacks and MsQ brought up NLP. I pointed you out as being very qualified on the matter.

dr.alistair said...

the stupid role is a part of a script that those people are choosing, though many are not aware of the choice.

a rewarding part of my work is in reminding people and giving them tools to change if they want.

i`ll check out your discussion.........

dr.alistair said...

greg, against your advice i watched part of the movie you linked to.
i thought i was the president of australia.

BBC said...

Why do you?

X. Dell said...

Here, the horse's ass is a shoe-in for political office.

dr.alistair said...

bill, why do i what? think i`m the president of australia, or acting stupidly?

x, i think we run the risk of stupidity becoming involved in politics in any form.......harming the self and others is all the aever happens.