Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the internet search engine for those over 50.

there you go. it`s not because there`s something wrong with your computer, or your kids have been using it, or i must have given you the wrong url..........

it`s because you are cranky and refuse to join the 21st century.

fuck, i`m almost fifty and i can use youtube and find phone numbers online and even do posts on a blog and check my e-mails more than once every two years.

so enjoy the ed mcmahon links and take your male menopause out on someone who gives a shit.


she said...

grrherhaha! i too am nearing the half cent mark. thank you for your visit to the yard, and your good nature (i left you another comment at xdell's) i am in the "mean well" camp. grrrherhaha.

smashing pumpkins i like! i think siamese dream is a great CD.

i see you have a gold top. a great guitar...i am looking at one now which seems to be more of a decoration than anything. there are many in the collection. but the seafoam stratocaster is my guitar man's daily driver.

have a good evening

BBC said...


dr.alistair said...

the smashing pumpkins were a product of the west coast thingy that lived and died around nirvana and got a little too political for my liking.

i like my music to be for it`s own sake, though in retrospect most of my music seems to carry a gnostic message of one sort or another.

zeppelin, sabbath, yes, older genesis all had thier moments of mystical wonderment.

manson was refreshing to me because he irritated the baptists so much that they would come and actually picket his shows. you can`t pay for advertising like that. whoever did his publicity was a genius.

and the beautiful people simply rocked from start to finish.

X. Dell said...

Um, I think I'll come back to this post when I'm 50.

I'd love it if they had a search engine just for conspiracy theorists.

dr.alistair said...

i thought that`s what google was for........

SJ said...

Old peeps. LOL.