Wednesday, August 29, 2007


yoga isn`t taught so much as remembered.

and this might help.

the divine within.

carl jung believed that we are able to naturally recognise the divine within ourselves, and that the christians had hid this knowledge in thier stories by making people afraid of certain images and practices.

our natural want to meditate and to explore imagery has been usurped by the church as evil and the temptation of the devil.

jung believed that the divine in man is represented by the snake, or serpent.......and of course the bible makes the serpent into something trecherous.

what we`ve always known.

keith, grow up. you have lived the royal life for nearly more than 30 years as a hack and now someone has the balls to call the game...........

ask ronnie wood, mick taylor or brian jones, all "back-up guitarists", who carries who through the difficult bits.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a difficult question.

it is well known in psychology that a traumatic event creates a state of heightened suggestiblity and so i have had a creeping suspicion that the catholic church uses the molesting of young boys to terrorise them into a state whereby they recieve "the word of god".

in the bible it is written that the mind must be forged in fire like the steel of a sword so that one may know the glory of god.

the priests got a little heavy-handed on this one in my estimation.

but it has made the pope a very wealthy man.

Monday, August 27, 2007

this is a strange picture. supposed to be a picture of the virgin mary.....but what`s with the odd devil horns at the feet of the woman praying and the odd little fellow holding a bundle over his head, and what looks like the tail feathers of a hawk behind him.
the picture was sent to me by a friend with the admonishment that i should forward the image to 20 people so that i could have good luck in the coming few days or so.
the message also had the subtle message that some had ignored the instruction and met with tragedy........
i generally ignore instructions like that and rebuke the sender is some way, but this image is so strange that i felt compelled to present it for comment here.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

global warming revisited.

watch the movie before you comment.

some of the commentary is bland and slightly patronising, but hysterical fear-mongering deserves a good old-fashioned telling off occasionally.

global physics presented in simple, easy to understand ways.

so put away the placards and peace sign t-shirts and find another cause to follow because temperatures have been rising and falling on the planet for millions of years without your help, and stop telling me what type of car to drive and how much air-conditioning to use.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

er, right............

shit is about to hit the fan.

dum de dum de dum..................


well, someone has to be.

generally when i`m called selfish it is because i haven`t given someone something they believe they are owed.

we are back to obligation once again.


my cynicism is is a protection of my optimism.

it is also a perception of behaviours that humans are consistantly prone to that i find abhorent.

i am also optimistic, motivated and capable, determined, focused and unwilling to comprimise.

recent comments.

today i recieved a comment calling me selfish and another calling me cynical.

both of these comments are accurate in thier assessment of my character.

guilty as charged.

infortunately i have inadvertently deleted the comments and i invite those responsible for the comments to re-post if they wish so that we can continue to explore this thing called existance.

an iconoclastic view.

in his day darwin was an iconoclast. he barely dared to publish his work initially for fear of victorian outrage.

lloyd pye is a modern version with new questions and observations.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

human vs. monkey.

the human dna and monkey dna is estimated to be between 96 and 98% identical, which to many is enough to suggest we are related genetically.

the thing is, we are as similar to dogs and dolphins too.

it is the differences that make us unique.

monkeys have 24 chromasome pairs, whereas we have only 23.

we are devolved monkeys?

Monday, August 20, 2007

a basic concern i have with evolution.

the basic concern i have with evolution is that it suggests that one species changes into another over time.

maybe that is true over say, um, a couple of million years........maybe.

but here`s the thing.

for apes to change into humans it would have had to happen quickly.

in a generation.

apes live in treed and vegitative areas for a number of reasons. food, protection from the elements, and from large carnivorous predators.

apes are mostly vegitarian and non-predatory themselves and so tend hide out. studies have borne out the fact they are passive group dwellers whiling away thier time together in large extended families.

given this varifyable fact what would motivate a species of primates to give up food sources and protection from the elements and predators to go and compete with those same predators for food that they didn`t ordinarily eat, and at the same time drastically change thier social dynamic.

this evolutionary model further suggests that the new human species not only managed to walk upright and learn to use weapons to hunt and kill food and protect themselves from lions and tigers, but also became master farmers at the same time.

and all of this genetic mutation would have had to have been comprehensive and species wide and immediate, i.e. happening in one generation........otherwise the new species would have been eaten or starved to death.

even though there is no evidence for this actually happening, and has certainly never happened to any other species, darwinian theory is taught in schools as gospel.

there has been some conjecture recently that some smaller dinosaurs evolved into birds, and i can`t comment one way or another other than to say it is still only a theory.

begin at the fringe.....

this guy got me to thinking about some of the more basic issues with evolution turning one species into another, y` an ape into a human for instance.

it is fairly easy to dismiss pye`s work for the simple reason that he mentions extra-terrestrial intervention and that elicits peals of laughter from the galleries, but science never does directly adress the "where do we actually come from" bit anyway.

if it even asks the question in a meaningful way it would be obvious that it is in actual fact another religion.

so, where do we come from?

a spark in the mud?

aliens fiddling with animal dna?

more questions coming up.

you can`t always get what you want...........

but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.

was mick talking about the chelsea drugstore again, or some higher form of insight?

coming up; a discussion about evolution........and there are questions, yes indeed.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

why do people act stupidly?

in the post on stupidity, a stupid person is defined as someone who`s actions bring harm to themselves and/or to others without net benifit.


internal dialog.

people have a conversation in thier heads going all the time that creates pictures and generates more conversation.

we hear voices and see things.

we are experiencing hallucinations that we passively accept as reality.

the stupid person lets those internal mechanisms run the show.

so does the hapless, the bandit and the intelligent.

the internal dialog of these different groups is the mechanism that creates the different behaviour, and is situationally specific.

some stupid people become a bandit in the courtroom for instance, and some hapless souls become intelligent behind thier desk in the office.

horses for courses.

and there are those who consistantly make a horse run the wrong course.

it is my personal and professional view that stupidity is a conditioned state, and that with training people can become bandits quite quickly................

obligation, expectation and reciprocity.

it is a cornerstone of salesmenship that the more the client feel as if he`s recieved benifit and value in a presentation, the more he`s likely to reciprocate with a purchase decision.

this kind of early bonding can last for many transactions during the relationship of the buyer and seller.

this is borne out in customer loyalty, and is referenced in the clinical work of skinner, pavlov et al.

though in some cases the client genuinely likes the product and would have made the purchase over time, it is in the best interest of the salesman to expediate the process mechanically by patronising.

and after all, the salesman has to make the sale to survive.

this form obligation has come to be known as pressure selling, and has given car salesmen and insurance agents a bad name.

and to the sophisticate that strategy is about as subtle as a hammer in the head.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


maybe the government had a reason for making a group of people in the high desert of new mexico in 1947 think that something odd happened in thier community.

but why would anyone want to do that?

it is the government`s actions in all of this that fascinate me.

they issue a statement to the press which is published in the local newspaper and then immediately deny the story.

they swarm the area and conduct a thorough clean-up which includes confiscating small pieces of unsual material from a number of local residents.

they threaten men, women and children to be quiet about what they "think" they saw.

and then, over time, officially release several conflicting explenations for what occured, including a publicly released document suggesting that the object found was a high-level weather balloon adapted to drop dummies to test safety equipment for pilots.

this explenation has since been proven to be false because the program stated as proof didn`t begin until the mid-fifties.

roswell happened in 1947.

so even if all of the witness testimony is put aside for a minute or rejected entirely as sensationalist or designed to generate tourist income or something, why is the government continuing to this day to promote the story with ever-changing explenations?

Monday, August 13, 2007


A stupid person is someone who causes damage to another person, or a group of people, without any advantage accruing to himself (or herself) -- or even with some resultant self-damage.

i`m going to find the rest of this, but enjoy anyway...............

apparently the executors of the estate of this writer of this illuminating paper felt that it was important to force people to remove copies of his work for some reason.

stupidity possibly.

anyway, the thrust of this work is that it sheds light on how people are thier own worst enemies.

i find stupidity breathtakingly funny for the simple reason that a large percentage of the stupidity in the world could be avoided if people would read the paper posted above and recognise thier potential for stupidity.........and fucking stop it.

at this point there is abound to be someone who figures that i`m discluding myself from the group of people refered to as stupid.

well, here`s the thing. i have my days where i`m as stupid as the next person, getting drawn into political debates or agreeing to go to a wedding or helping a friend move a piano for instance, but where i differ is that i resist the urge most of the time, whereby sharply increasing my functional intelligence.

my motto; lead, follow or get out of the way.

ok, so here we are. a harvard professor of psychology investigates alien abduction experiences and writes books on the subject.....gets investigated by an internal committee at the school and is allowed to continue while the lawyer alan dershewietz comes to his defence.........not materially, but in his right to say what he wants.

meanwhile people keep having the experiences.

a lot of people.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

i`m new to this one.............

hoax, viral marketing, or what?

the crack in the cosmic egg.

i had forgotten about this book.

i read it when i was quite young, maybe twenty-five or so, but it woke me up to something i always felt somehow but couldn`t voice........that we were creating reality as we experienced each new second.

i found the idea and the fact that someone wrote a book about it that actually got published extremely intoxicting.

i`ve been high on it ever since.

Friday, August 10, 2007


we all play games and are playing games all the time, whether we realise it or not.

there are thousands of games to play and many different levels of game play for each type.

the question one has to ask is; what game am i playing and what level am i playing at.

therin lies the key to psychoanalysis.

most are unaware of the fact that they are part of a game, what the rules are, or whether they are winning or losing.

and that`s why therapy is a necessary service.

to analyse the game and explain the rules.

now i have to play soccer, and the myriad games within................

oh, to be alive. dum-dee-dum-dee-dum.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

your government is here to help.

no really............

the a.m.a.

wilhelm reich.

amongst a number of clinical researchers imprisoned for thier work in human developement.

others who have been similarly treated include royal rife, who`s work is, alongside reich`s, being resurrected thanks to the open nature of information on the internet.

these pioneers in healing are part of what the american medical association have helped to characterise as "quacks."

wait until you learn exactly what the a.m.a. is really all about.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the criminal history of the papacy.

there have been those who wish to seperate the actions and fallability of the humans named pope, while preserving the infallability of the office of the pope and the law of the catholic church.

to those i would ask how one makes the distinction between the person and the words of a person. (?)

do as i say, not what i do?

if you haven`t seen a history of the papacy before and are easily shocked, i would suggest bracing one`s self and have a good grip on one`s jaw.

Monday, August 06, 2007

david beckham.

firstly, i live in toronto and am part of the soccer community here, playing the game three times a week on two different teams. i know of few people who have even mentioned david beckham playing here this week-end and while the game was on we were actually playing ourselves.

secondly, david beckham wasn`t hired to play the game. he was hired to sell shirts and attract attention to the game, which has struggled to gain popularity in america since the aborted first attempt to promote it 27 years ago with the nasl. whether he plays or not he will still be earning his fees.

while beckham was with real madrid he sold over $300 million worth of merchandise with his name on it. a big number that has been fact checked.

if he does similar numbers here everyone will be watching soccer.

we are consumers and we consume what we are told to consume.

even if we dislike, or even hate soccer.


you know who he is.


oh yeah.

image stolen without concern from tim boucher, while on the aforementioned...............

Sunday, August 05, 2007


In 1896 the famous John Dewey, then at the University of Chicago, said that independent, self-reliant people were a counter-productive anachronism in the collective society of the future. In modern society, said Dewey, people would be defined by their associations-not by their own individual accomplishments. In such a world people who read too well or too early are dangerous because they become privately empowered, they know too much, and know how to find out what they don't know by themselves, without consulting experts. - Kurt Johmann

privately empowered.

well, that about sums my life up.

and i know how to find things out without consulting experts.

so do you guys.

in the article linked above, once you get past the tiresome political bit, you get to the real purpose of education of children.

like church and state, where most are oblivious of the methodologies, the mechanisms are still in effect.

live from wiltshire.....

........... it`s tuxedo boy.

smart people are happier?

well, this little jasper has approximately 14 brain cells, the majority of which are dedicated to shitting and chasing small pieces of string, and he`s as happy as a clam.........except for just this second when some clever git flashed a really bright light in his eyes just as he was about to solve for x.


as a therapist i have to say that i see people who`s i.q. varies dramatically, but never have i seen a direct correlation between i.q. and mental health.

having said that, i consider myself bright enough not to play games that i can`t hope to win, and so wouldn`t have voted for either candidate.

then i read how negative the correlation between college grads and bush voters was and something clicked.

maybe it`s that college education makes you socialist.


i`ve posted this little gem before, but here it is again for your edification.

and he doesn`t say anything about oranges. or nuts. or most other food sources, like cows........

Saturday, August 04, 2007

an apology......sort of.

some posts ago i allowed my frustration to get the better of me.

for this i apologise.

i stated that my ex had done some things out of malice and forethought.

i was wrong.

again, my apologies.



repeat when necessary.


from wiltshire............

did you smile?

the battle for your mind.

this one is for it calls the game on groups like the jesuits, who as a group are oblivious to the methodologies that they apply, but nontheless are versant with the processes and use them at every turn.

the local priest is probably unaware of the effect of the mass on the congregation, but there are those in the higher offices of the church who are constantly refining the gig.

and someone paints those paintings with pentagrams in them for a reason.

a test.

many say they are athiest or agnostic or not even spritual at all.

some go as far as to say they are know, when you`re dead you`re dead.

for those people i say try this.

drink coffee all day and eat as little as possible, then stay up as late as you possibly can. in fact do this at the end of a long work week where you are already sleep deprived.

this is best if you are alone in your house late at night.

go into a completely dark room where you can barely see your hands in front of your face and stand and look into a mirror for as long as you can.

orwell still matters.

check out the lecture by a surprisingly sober christopher hitchens on why george orwell still matters.

and i believe it will stream on dial-up bill, you steam-age freak.


our culture is a delusion.

our culture is an hallucination.

our lives are a delusion.

all of our philosophy is a negotiation with this delusion.

all of our art, law, science, religion and media is way of manipulating this delusion for a consensus.

but some quick flicker of movement out of the corner of one`s eye is enough to make you wonder.......just what is actually going on.

Friday, August 03, 2007

black triangles.

for those of you unfamiliar with this phenomenon, it consists of the appearance of large black flying trianges of varying sizes, from fighter jet sized objects to football field dimensions to a case on phoenix, arizona where the apparent size of the object was in the order of kilometers.

say what you will about ufos and those who report them, but to have an entire city as witness to a phenomenon that large and pervasive suggests that something warrants further investigation.

what i draw from this, apart from the occurances and the reports from witnesses, is the way the media handles the phenomenon.

the media`s response is to ridicule and to downplay and to otherwise discredit the reporting of consistant and repeated sightings by credible people.

in the case of the phoenix lights there were many video recordings made of the event that are available that show precisely what witnesses report.

so what is one to make of all of this, given the massive event coverage and witness material?

that it is in the interest of some to have this go away and to stop public inquiry.

one cannot say that this is evidence of aliens or super-sentient technology, but it is a study in how crowds react to witnessing the unknown and how the media (government.) wants it to spin.

and many more questions arise without substantial answers.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

well,there it is........

even an eight-year-old can see it.
or as george harrison once said, "it`s all in the mind."

for the inquiring mind.

china is a mysterious place and so far away that most of us will probably never visit. i have friends who travel there on business but never have time or resources for research or exploration.

mind you, brazil is almost entirely covered in rain forest and as such lies unexplored also.


an experpt from filters agains folly by garrett hardin.

Our increasingly complex and interdependent society requires the development of more effective problem solving strategies. Garret Hardin asks, "How are we laymen to survive in a world increasingly dominated by experts?" We need lay defenses to protect ourselves against the assumptions (conscious and unconscious), the biases, the prejudices and ignorance of experts so that we can evaluate the claims of experts as we citizens try to identify the most appropriate course of action. Hardin contends that the greatest folly citizens can commit when confronted with expert testimony is to accept expert statements uncritically. The statement that "The authority of a scholar is measured by how long he/she can delay progress in his/her field" applies equally to experts in engineering and government as well as in science and theology.
Experts, be they economists, ecologists or linguists, have been aptly described as individuals who know more and more about less and less. Since the world is too complex for our minds to remember every detail and to easily encompass the whole, experts employ filters to set aside certain dimensions of reality as trivial or as something to be dealt with by another expert. Since different filters alter the total picture of reality in different ways, we need to know the characteristics of the intellectual filters used by experts as well as by ourselves in solving problems. Professor Hardin identifies three major filters against folly that we citizens can use against the blindness, short sightedness, and sheer idiocy that so often comes disguised as eloquence or expertise.

i have read this book several times and recommend it highly to those who want to be able to think clearly as opposed to finding a cause to get behind or just repeat expert opinion as fact.

the greeks called it reason.

our laws are based on the actions of the reasonable man.

unfortunately the reasonable man has become victim of the expert, so we are being judged by the values of whichever expert has the podium currently.

we are hurriedly entering into the era of the environmental scientist, wherby pretty soon all of our resources will be consumed by solving what these "experts" are calling a man-made disaster. our taxes are winched up to solve the problem we have less money in our pockets.

hmm. sounds like socialist politics to me. more taxes = more government. the question nobody in the environmental cult seems to be asking is how the dollars will be spent.

but they are the experts though. we couldn`t possibly understand.

The first filter is literacy - "the ability to understand what words really mean." The second is numeracy - "the ability not only to quantify information, but also to interpret it intelligently." Hardin calls the last filter ecolacy - the ability to take into account the effects of complex interactions of systems over time.


s is for simple.

s is for spectacular.

and s is for sex.

it`s how we got here after all.

if you are hung up on it for any reason thank your local, regional or federal mind control center, or maybe the church. y`know, because they care too.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

a welcome.

i would like to formally welcome new commentators and she to hypgnosys.

hello and thanks for your graceful responses to what must have seemed like a shot from left field initially.

the shock rhetoric is my style and, while i make no apologies for it, i do realise that some may find it offensive.

i am a fellow traveller in the search for meaning all this that we call being alive and don`t mean any harm other than to lazy thinking.

once again, welcome.

the internet search engine for those over 50.

there you go. it`s not because there`s something wrong with your computer, or your kids have been using it, or i must have given you the wrong url..........

it`s because you are cranky and refuse to join the 21st century.

fuck, i`m almost fifty and i can use youtube and find phone numbers online and even do posts on a blog and check my e-mails more than once every two years.

so enjoy the ed mcmahon links and take your male menopause out on someone who gives a shit.

i hate when that happens.

in this style, ten and sixpence.

we are all mad. i`m mad, he`s mad.......and you`re mad, otherwise you wouldn`t be here.

check the credentials of your hypnotherapist........

back to the alphabet...........

where were we? oh yes, after q comes r.

r is for royalty.


and right.

right is whatever you make it. it is after all your life and you have to live it.

just remember to look both ways before you cross the road.