Wednesday, November 11, 2009

november 11th.

as i watched the memorial sevice at the legion across from where i lived this morning i was struck that it is a tragedy that all those men died so that gays could have a parade.

is this what freedom is about?

our ever-more liberal media is taking more and more steps to be as outragious and offensive as they possibly can be without getting censored...and that censorship is becoming more liberal too.

i understand that viewers are becoming desensitised to shock and demand more "entertainment" and that the studios and tv stations have to make money.

the failure of borat was a welcome message that enough is enough and that the general population isn`t as fascinated with gay porn as some in hollywood might imagine.

the thing that disturbed me was that my children were talking about the movie.

they are 10 and 13.

and you might ask how they knew about it in the first place...but the bloody thing was being promoted on youtube and prime-time tv where kids go to watch.

and those men died so we can sit in our living rooms and watch will and grace and south park with our children while we eat dinner.

it says "lest we forget".....not fuck it.


K9 said...

i read in a comment on somebodys blog that soldiers were dying so that some chick could fill her tank and head off to a tanning and nail salon. and that image really killed me...just the most base and banal shit that we call life embarrasses me. dont we have an obligation to somehow rise to something of a higher order? what ARE they fighting for, exactly? what is the american way of life. if it is what is portrayed on television i am worried. in the creative arenas we see the weakness of thought; the cheap entertainment of the sitcom. so so dumb.

i like mad men and a few other reality shows like top chef and project runway, but thats it.

since i started being a "farmer" everything seems more precious and fragile. i think the light and seasons and earth spun my head around for the better.

Grant said...

I thought it was stupid when, several years ago, the military had an air show to honor some people who had been killed in action. Two helicopters collided while flying in a tight formation killing a few more people. I wondered what's next - maybe we need to honor them by playing chicken with our aircraft carriers.

Personally I think air shows are the government's version of how adolescent boys will sometimes see how stupidly reckless they can be and still survive, but by forcing soldiers to risk their lives using the taxpayers' money and expensive military hardware.

dr.alistair said...

k9, life is mostly made up of the banal and mundane. it is up to the artist to elevate the collective consciousness to that of the extatic...if only for a moment.

here i am now being judgemental of some forms of art.

bags of urine hanging from trees is not, in my view, art...but apparently the state of colorado sponsored a work such as this to be "installed" in a city center. niether do i think gay sex is art either, yet the city of toronto funds public displays such as this each year and encourages suburbanites to bring the kids.

television is the new opiate of the masses. philosophers have talked about the external reality infringing on our consciousness as long as there have been pens and paper.

some say there are god(s) and demons and possibly other entities "out there" that we are obedient to, or possibly giant computers that create hallucinations in our minds.

psychiatrists call these conscious manifestations psychosis and medicate.

tv has the power to shape our reality with distorted images that powerfully control our lives.

is tv a god, or a demon...or an alien entity such as the archon?

i turn it off. it insults me.

grant, i used to thrill to the spectacle of jets blasting across the sky mere feet from me as i watched.

now all we are to see are subsonic trainers and crop dusters doing tricks.

i realise the real danger of close formation flying and it is understandable that such displays are limited, especially above civilian populations...

...but i still remember the royal navy bucaneers screaming over my head at farnborough when i was a boy.

and the government needs reckless boys to fly jets, do they not?