Monday, November 30, 2009

a bit about hypnosis.

hypnosis is everything.

in fact i can`t think of one thing that isn`t hypnosis.

the simple act of thinking involves making sounds and pictures  inside one`s head that ilicits a responce.

we hypnotise ourselves every day by thinkng.

and we hypnotise eachother too.

we say something like "imagine that..."  or "try to see it this way"  or we ask questions like "what were you thinking?".

my girlfriend`s son said "i can`t see why not" when asked if  he would share the tequila he got for his birthday yesterday.

he didn`t share it.

i knew he wouldn`t even though he had a smile on his face and seemed like he would open the bottle.

he might even have consciously wanted to share a glass to celebrate...but he didn`t.

the phrase "i can`t see why not" can be broken down into two seperate elements. a command to himself "i can`t see"  and the picture he commanded himself not to see., which was "why not".

if you can`t see why not, then you are going to be left with why.

he was basically saying "why"?  even though  it sounded like there was no reason not to share the tequila.....


Ardlair said...

or alternatively.........

"I can't see why not" could be broken down into "I can't" , "see why not" and " it's my XXXXing birthday olderdudeman, get your own Tequila".

Which leaves, I suppose, the same conclusion.

Grant said...

Hypnosis is just a charlatan sham, unlike chiropractors, Voodou, and professional wrestling. Those are the real deal.

dr.alistair said... get my point.

grant, i used to be a voodoo wrestler with a chiropractor`s chair....but i can`t go back to winnipeg until the dust settles over that one.