Friday, November 06, 2009

the second list of people who annoy me.

bono. sanctimonious terrorist by proxy. for those of you who are wtfing right now, understand that he and his band, u2, have raised tens of millions of dollars for the i.r.a. and thier political wing, sinn fien.

people who gossip. not for gossiping, because we all do that, but for saying they don`t and that others shouldn`t. (i actually like people who gossip because i tell them things that only they then know...and when they repeat it, i know where and when it came from.)

liars. because we want to believe you, you piece of shit, and you betrayed our trust.

fools. because they aren`t bright enough to get out of anyone`s way....including thier own....and they have a job wherin they can make decisions over the lives of others, particularly my own life and that of those i care about.

like the canadian ministry of health lining people up to inject them with shit in little bottles.

schoolteachers. for telling my kids all manner of lies and half truths about everything from history to science to health. thankfully my kids are bright and don`t now believe that polar bears are drowning because we don`t recycle enough.

environmentalists. proselytisers of the new religion. saving the world. once you are convcerted, you then go out amongst the unbelievers and merrily hammer away at them until they start repeating the silliness.

(for those really interested in what is causing the heat of the planet to`s the sun. no big story, exept for the fact that..the sun is so big that it can do what it wants and nothing algore can do will stop it.)

feminists. (lesbians) they would have to be lesbians, because no woman who enjoyed the company of a man and is hopeful of a relationship with one would ever say or do any of the shit things that comes out of feminists mouths.

religious people. religion is great and helps people through shit periods in thier lives (sometimes) and gives people things to do and a purpose that they wouldn`t have otherwise..but people, keep your beliefs to yourself. i don`t want to hear about it or pay for it or anything else to do with it.  and no you don`t have a right to go on about it. feedom of speech works like the freedom to not listen ot it.

they cancel eachother out.

so shut the fuck up.

activists. just stop. you waving your anti this, that or the other thing banner around is irritating, and if anything is polluting anything and we can do anything about can stop waving your banner.


well, that`s me feeling better. tommorow i wuill continue with part three.

that`s better.


Grant said...

Why do you have a problem with Cher's ex-husband? He's dead anyway.

dr.alistair said...

it`s cher i have the problem with. she`s on the list of lists.....scary old tatooed skeleton in a sequined slingshot.