Monday, November 23, 2009

active visualisation practice.

mind control.

you are about to practice some...on your own mind.

for once you will be able to choose the images and sounds and even smells and tastes and physical feelings in your opposed to sitting passively while someone chooses those images for you.

so what are you going to show yourself.

i recommend a vivid positive memory of something that happened to you or something that you witnessed that you enjoyed.

sit quietly and relax.

breathe slowly and comfortably, and allow yourself to remember what it is that you`ve chosen to re-experience.

see what you see now, and hear what you remember hearing.....

play these images and sounds over repeatedly until you really get a sense of knowing that the feelings you are getting now match that which you experienced then.

look at the colours of the images you are seeing and brighten them. make the reds redder and the blues bluer.

and the whites whiter.

 make the sounds a little louder and notice if your feelings intensify accordingly.

let the process run as many times as you feel comfortable with the idea that, like anything we do, in time the process will become easier and the results will become more profound.

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