Monday, November 16, 2009

i had prepared.....

...another rant wherein i was going to compel you all to go to mr. keen`s site and tell him that he is wrong and that alistair is right...but y`know, that would be wrong, because from his perspective, he`s right.

the erosion of educational standards, and vast shifts in media content and standards and the emergence of many new media and technologies have resulted in a radical shift in peoples awareness and pace of thier ability to process information.

this accelleration of information processing has sped everything else up too.

now we can get frustrated in as little as 30 seconds with a microwave oven or a slow internet connection while waiting for a file to download...and also get impatient waiting for three years for a degree when the information contained within it can be digested by the new, sped up brain in weeks.

and so mr.keen is is killing the radio star.

and the ivy covered liberal arts degree.

but i would like for mr.keen to at least acknowledge that marshall mcluhan was correct in his prediction of the shattering of the old indvidualist paradigm as the computer pervades more of our daily lives and ushers us into the new global village.

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