Saturday, November 28, 2009

fuck christmas.

y`know....i`m getting more than tired of this season. this season of stress and and anxiety over spending money we don`t have on people we barely tolerate.

i spent almost 15 miutes getting coffee at starbucks today due to everyone rushing out to get ahead of everyone else rushing out to get christmas shopping done.

why not just give it a miss this year?

oh yeah, because everyone will think you are a selfish dick otherwise.

they do anyway.

so save the $1500 and buy yourself something nice and enjoy the season for once.

what could $1500 buy you that would make you happy and keep you going for the next twelve months?

here are some ideas.

liposuction...for that fat head of yours.

a hooker who has had a shower this week.

the best noise cancelling headphones in the world.

a hand gun or two. (unless you live in canada, in which case you can`t)


Chris J. said...

My sentiments, exactly.

technobytes said...

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dr.alistair said...

chris, there are those amongst us that are not still thrilled by the thought of santa bringing gifts.

it`s a waste of time effort and money and it leaves people broke and exhausted...not to mention kids focusing on what they didn`t get.

and techno, if you are going to spam a blog post, at least make sure your link is working...dipshit.

Ricardo said...

Don't celebrate it but I do see people going berserk these days over nothing to go berserk about. Amazing how agile old ladies become to grab something material that's on sale. And the sales are a joke. Discounts on inflated prices.

dr.alistair said...

my girlfreind busts my chops regarding my attitude toward christmas, as she sees it as a time for family and the thrill children get from the whole thing.

my point is that kids entitlement begins with thier unfettered demand for high-priced consumer goods at an early age.

Grant said...

I think our priorities are wrong because I can legally buy a gun but not an Asian hooker.

Matthewzor said...

I dislike the atmosphere that people create for christmas. My ideal christmas experience would involve relaxing with friends, a few drinks, and some really good food. Maybe a tasteful gift or two for each at the max, nothing too expensive though.

What would your ideal christmas experience be?

dr.alistair said...

grant, that`s a shame.

zor, i think that having the commercial racket of christmas far away would be a good place to start.

my ideal christmas would be to have my girlfreind and our four children knocking around just happy to be there...fireplace going.