Tuesday, November 03, 2009

it`s funny to read.


but it`s a shame to think that people are buying this shit.  refridgerated trucks to deal with the dead?

and, let`s just say for arguement`s sake, that there will be a pandemic...do you think the people who are being quoted in this article are going to be able to cope?

when people realise that they are on thier own in the world, they will be able to make better decisions for themselves and thier families.


Grant said...

I think the best way to deal with the piggy flu is to handle it the way fundies view AIDS - as a punishment from god for the wicked. That way you don't have to treat anyone - if they get sick, it's justified punishment.

dr.alistair said...

there is a theory that the gubmnt deliberately releases virii occasionally, to strenghten the herd.

sort of like a workout for the immune system

kind makes sense.

they should inform the herd though......