Wednesday, November 25, 2009


the label organic has become synonimous with better for you and better for the environment.

better for the environment in that no chemicals were used in the growing of the produce....but better for us how?

apparently the added chemicals used in growing the fruits and vegetables and feeding animals and the making of dairy products are bad for us, os some producers are providing additive-free produce and calling  it organic.

we are seeing organnic products in the grocery selling for as much as five times the regular prices for similar items.

hell of a price to pay to save the planet.

questionable price to pay for supposed health benifits.

i eat a lot of oat meal. in fact i eat oatmeal at least once a day as a major meal, and sometimes two large bowls of oatmeal is all i eat in a oatmeal is a major component of  my diet.

occasionally i find organic oatmeal side-by-side with my regular brand at mere pennies more, and so i will try the organic stuff to compare.

i haven`t noticed any difference in taste or digestion or provided nutrition between the regular and the organnic, but that`s just me comparing in a non-scientific way.

but i will tell you, if the price was any greater than the few pennys i see on my shelf, i wouldn`t make the effort.

i know people who can`t eat without crowing on about the virtues of organic food in thier diet, and i know one dear girl who eats nothing but organic and says the word entirely too often. she even drinks organic wine....because it doesn`t give her a hangover.

silly girl.

anyway, to me, the whole organic industry is sold to hyper-sensitive save-the-world types and elitists with more money than sense.

and besides, little dry apples never appealed to me.


Grant said...

From what I've seen, the organic label causes the price to increase. It must cost a lot to add those seven letters.

dr.alistair said...

it`s the organic ink.