Thursday, November 12, 2009

new pictures of the galaxy.

i was looking at some new pictures of our galaxy this morning and i was struck, as i always am, by how much it looks like a giant explosion.

we have seen slow-motion explosions in movies where things literally fly apart and disintergrate...and this where we are the middle of an explosion.

so why do we experience so much suprise when things want to fly apart around us and inside us?

silly talking monkeys think we can control everything with baling wire and tape.

and a rule or two.

history tells us that we are all going to return to dust soon anyway...and this isn`t fatalistic or depressive thinking in the is emancipating.

think of all the petty struggles that are going on in your life right now and imagine sitting on a hill somewhere high above the noise of it all.

now what do you see.

silly talking monkeys trying to control everything......

had enough yet?


Grant said...

Your opinion sounds suspiciously like the big bang theory, which history has taught us makes the fundies cry. Good work.

dr.alistair said...

no theory...just an observation. the fundies and the cult of science both try to out-shout eachother with thier descriptions of shadows.

i prefer my theory.

what i see is reality. further to that, your observations are valid and true for you.

so we all observe a slightly different reality with common elements.