Thursday, September 27, 2007

you are god.

i am god.

the girl in the coffee shop is god too.

though i`m not sure about it, dogs and cats and birds in cages in old folks homes are gods as well.

what i am certain about is that everything we see is the manifestation of our imagination.

if it happens it`s because we decided it will.

some how, somewhere and somewhen, we said "so be it". and we let it fly.

we discovered this at an early age.

as children we knew this was a magical place and we laughed and played accordingly.

some people and thier beliefs got in the way and we started to believe them.

and doubted what we knew with certaintly before.

doubt is the terrible curse.

it creeps in and takes the magic away and makes us mortal.


of death.

let`s get back to the task at hand people.

we have mountains and skies and birds and pretty things and wonderful toys and joyful moments to create and enjoy.


X. Dell said...

"Now there is another myth that still gets around: it is a kind of over reliance on the bootstrap philosophy. There are those who still feel that if the Negro is to rise out of poverty, if the Negro is to rise out of the slum conditions, if he is to rise out of discrimination and segregation, he must do it all by himself. And so they say the Negro must lift himself by his own bootstraps....

"Its all right to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps."--Martin Luther King

I would agree that the spark of divinity runs through all of us, or as conscious beings in concert with possibily others and within the totality of our existence we comprise the divine.

But that's in toto. The individualistic slant given by Knight is a very old one, one that harkens to the American cult of the rugged individualist. He doesn't take into account th counter forces of socialization, repression, and oppression. To say that we alone create our own world is declaring a separation from human consciousness that I have no reason to believe exists.

dr.alistair said...

well, there is the age-old pressure created between those who have and those who have not...........

i have a friend.

an associate.

a man who i`ve not seen for many years as i write this.

we worked out at the same gym and discussed playing guitar and shared a few laughs.

i haven`t seen him since i changed gyms.

the difference between us?

several hundred million dollars and the colour of his skin.

he wasn`t listening to martin luther king tell him he didn`t have any boots.

someone did my friend the favour of shooting mlk before he was born.

my friend went out and made money, not by focusing on the colour of his skin, but by seeing his goals clearly and understanding that it was up to him.

and nobody else.

everything is a myth until you believe it enough to put it into practice.

believing that we create our own reality necessitates that we seperate ourselves from conscience, not consciousness.

i have made that distinction elsewhere.

X. Dell said...

I applaud your friend's success. Nevertheless, the exception doesn't make a new rule.

dr.alistair said...

it`s not a new rule. it`s an immutable truth of the universe. all forms of thinking are.

the one that believes you don`t have boots is as valid as the one that says you do.

or that you are shod in the finest calfskin.

i personally choose to think that i am the master of my own destiny.......i find it preferable to waiting for others to dictate my actions.

brad4d said...

it wasn't long ago that someone misspelled a big word and you corrected "their" spelling! Now I stumble on your example.

dr.alistair said...

hey brad, nice to see you on your blogging travels....

did i correct someone`s spelling?

that doesn`t sound like my style.

i resist the urge to be pedantic for the most part.

too busy being, um, overbought in the mystical joy.


i mix them up occasionally, but my hope is that people will ask for clarification or make suggestions or whatever.

like the beatles said in strawberry fields (feilds?)

nothing to get hung about.